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Okus Dolphin / Press

“'SPIRITUAL' (5th EXPERIMENTAL ALBUM RELEASE BEFORE THE REAL STUFF BEGAN WITH ALBUMS 6,7,8 & on... ) >>> With its Glastonbury candle shop sleeve, tunes, bewildering chords and tape edits, this is the real deal, genuine Outsider Art. 'Forest dweller' Okus Dolphin heroically tackles pop, lo-fi rave and rock using keyboards and drum machine. Lovers of naive Art Brut will find much to cherish here; the mixed-vocals, sudden drum fills and reverse effects. 'Spirit Of The Universe' is a real highlight, like Lieutenant Pigeon jamming with Can. Hilarious but strangely endearing, it seems there are four earlier albums of similar dogged creativity. Send the others asap. (Kid Pensioner)”

“TAKE A TRIP BACK TO THE PSYCHEDELIC ERA – a time of carefree spirits – a dream state if you will – This multi-album producer describes his music in several different genres – from acoustic & ambient, to electronica rock and alternative. Okus Dolphin definitely brings about chaos & psychedelia to a fashion of music I have never heard before. It definitely reminds me of the era of The Beatles, psychedelic drugs and a carefree “hippie nation” so-to-speak. I’ve included previews from three of their albums, Spiritual, Mysterious Worlds & Firedragon, so you can hear the wide variety of styles performed by this unique artist. ”

“THOUGHT YOU'D HEARD IT ALL? YOU WERE WRONG! Okus Dolphin have bizarre tracks direct from The Future Sound of Dolphins: imaginative, catchy songs: varied in style and filled with poetic meaning. 'Angel of Mercy' turns into Phoenix Nights, catchy enough to stick in your head for the day and calls to mind a whole host of references: Violent Femmes, Joy Division, Velvet Underground: that make them worth listening to. Lyrically as weird as their music: Generally odes to mystical beings dressed in odd imagery. Eastern Philosophy has been done well from The Beatles to Maher Baz. Keyboards sandwiched between fast paced pieces of electronica, as hearing Chemical Brothers track segue into Pavement. Okus Dolphin are either a great band or the worst in the world: something of an enigma. Their music is so plain weird. Shamooli Dawn, Karma Truffle: weird names. Possibly only eclipsed by Okus Dolphin”