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O.F.R / Press

“O.F.R Fans. The Day that We (O.F.R) have waited for has finally arrived. We are proud to announce the Release of "OFF YOUR ROCKER!" We would like to invite Everyone to "CLICK" on the link below to purchase Your Copy Today! A CD Release Party is Scheduled for January 10th-11th @ Sypal Lundgren Post #7662, Farmington MN. Bring Your Copy and get it signed. Pats autograph is sure to skyrocket in value! Perhaps Your Grandchildren could retire if they sold it someday. Perhaps Your Copy will become a Treasured Heirloom! Thanks Folks from O.F.R -”

"What are You doing for New Years?" I don't know. What are YOU doing for New Years? "I figured I would sit in my attic and paint mountain landscape themes on the heads of pins" Ok...Well I am going to see O.F.R. "Well, who is O.F.R?" O.F.R? Why they are the Greatest Rock Band on Oak Street, in all of Farmington! They have Animal. Pat and Tony, the famous Brunette Brothers..."Hey, didn't that Pat Brunette win a Grammy Back in the 70's?" That's what I heard. They also have the Time Machine = Craig Swanson. "Wow, I heard he played his first gig in 1967!" Yep, He's old all right. "Gee, that New Years Eve gig sure sounds swell." So what are ya doing now that I told You what I was doing? "Like I said...attic, paint, pins....<-----Don't be like Richard "That's a bad Richard!, bad, Richard!...bad!"

“Here Ye, Here Ye. Come One, Come All to Jones-Stock!”