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NUTTY / Press

“Nutty's latest CD is a perfect blend of spot on Lounge Jazz with a nod to Classic Rock that is catchy, amusing, and downright witty. Pick up Jetsetter Jazz: The Persuasive Sounds of Nutty. It's almost unbelievable that it works but Mission Impossible theme (our favorite Spy theme) is merged with Jethro Tull and the effect is exhilarating!”

Otto von Stroheim - Tiki News

“Okay, all you hipsters, you need this CD. Throw a few of these cuts on your next “Party Playlist” and you can impress everyone with your appreciation of the hippest jazz and your ironic attitude towards classic rock. Or vice versa, if you prefer. Either way, you’ll earn plenty of WTF points... Jetsetter Jazz melds jazz standards with the biggest rock hits. For the most part, they take familiar jazz riffs and superimpose a well-known rock melody and lyrics on top, all delivered in pure jazz style. After the first cut, “Purple Panther,” which crosses the Pink Panther Theme with “Purple Haze,” lands solidly with listeners and gets a few knowing smirks, the jokes just keep on coming; you get “Rumba With the Devil,” “Same Old Song and Scat,” and “Cinnamon Doll.” (Do I even need to name the tunes involved in these?) But this CD is more than a joke. You can not only listen to it repeatedly, you will want to. It works because Nutty play their jazz so well... Go the”