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Numb Hand / Press

“I absolutely LOVE IT! Your rhythm tone is very close to Akira Takasaki on Loudness' Thunder In The East album. Your vocals sound alot like Ted Nugent, and the lyrics seemed to channel Frank Zappa from the other side. Please, may we have some more?”

“Seriously, you make some of the strangest songs I've heard. Yet I find myself hitting play multiple times over the course of the day. Killer stuff.”

“Please...don't ever stop...EVER!!! I really enjoy your "unusual" writing style”

“Love the music very Dokkinesq and I am a BIG George Lynch fan... Keep Rocking dude.”

“'fo real... sounds totally retro and the lyrics rule!”

“Music doesn't always need to be serious and dramatic.”

“Liked it so much... I learned to play it last night....”

“That was awesome. And now that will be in my head for most of the day lol.”

“Quite honestly the best song about killing gophers I've ever heard!!! (Awesome solo as well!)”

“Sounds very early 80's, but I dig it, probably why I dig it...Lyrics are entertaining as well...”

“Megadeth's new single”

“I can't feel my fucking hand!!!”

Numb Hand - The Guitar Matrix