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N ~Pride / Press


Ivonne Tapia - Portland, Org

“E' pues? Cuando vas a poner la cancion de UN VERDADERO MECHICANO. en myspace? Y nos vas a dejar bajar tu musica o que onda? quiero esa rola ta chida carnal!!”

Carlos Leyva - Wapato, Washington

“Hey wey that song *Un verdadero Mechicano* Gotta get that shit on da radio cabron. **THAT'S THE SHIT wey.”

mns - Forest Grove, Org

“Vas a ser millonadas....Acuerdate de mi eh!!!! Lol J/k”

AnaPaz - Aloha,Org

“You gonna B' Rich!!!!!”

Karla M. - Beaverton, Org

“Hey Paisa a ma be @ Washington during your concert. Can you hook me up with some tickets I wanna see what you got homie. Get back @ me homie”

Joker - Gladstone

“Gracias por agregarme, Y cuenta con mi apoyo, continuare hablandole a mis amigas y amigos de tu musica. Sigue...Y no dejes tu Sueño ya que tienes un gran DON!!”

Alexandra - Yakima, Wa

“Yo dawg dat Street S^!t* song man, hard core. Exactly da way I live it fo sho!. Keep it raw dawg, i wanna hear new stuff man.”

Artruen - Compton

“Hey man! you guys going to the top, I went to your CD presentation. That's pure heat!! don't forget about los pobres homie stay true!!”

Jose Luis - Beaverton

“Dude.....you guys should Collab with Lil' Rob, that would sound SicK!!!!!”

Esequiel╚ - Portland

“O.M.G You sound like Dyablo, are you related to him??”

Mayra - Sacramento

“Please hook me up with yo new CD **** Holla back+_+ Marisol”

Marisol - California

"N~Pride & Lil'Hahn Like yo work, love the Spanish shit and English combined. don't understand,but sound DOPE"

Jess↨c@ - B )►

“Money on the SkY****Love it!!! Keep up dat great work....I love N~PRIDE ◙”

“Best in the North west♫ ”

cOY - Z`Boi