No Way North / Press

“Indie Band Spotlight on IndieMinded.com”

“You ready for a band so uncategorizable that I can’t even tell you who they sound like? They are not like any female fronted band I’ve seen on the scene here in LA. What wowed me is they have the perfect balance of musical theatre-esqe vocal power, and perfectly crafted complimentary alt-rock instrumentals... Badass Band 79 is No Way North...”

“Very, very rarely the stars, planets and moons align just right and create a perfect confluence of situations and events. But out of tragedy sometimes a phoenix arises. Such is the story of No Way North, a group that itself is a confluence, of the sublime and the bittersweet... As we watched this amazing line-up of talented stars perform, we knew the heavens were surely smiling down on us, and somewhere at the edge of the universe, Uncle Rudy is beaming with pride and joy.”

“The Sum of All You've Seen... doesn't necessarily sound like a debut album since alot of the tracks are well polished as if they were rock veterans.”

Jonathan Hayes - Rukus Magazine

“Check out the new buzzworthy band that I’m listening to at this moment. The band describes themselves as ‘eclectic indie folk rock with an alternative edge’. Don’t cha agree?”

“An interview with No Way North”

“The Sum of All You’ve Seen is a strong debut effort, and it will be interesting to hear how this collective will stretch and grow with time. I, for one, look forward to seeing which way they turn next.”