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Whyte Noyze / Press

“Your depiction is remarkable, it always feels good to know that I'm not the only one that feels the emptiness, the addiction to the self destruction, though its not something I would wish upon anyone. I fell in love with you after Forever Haunted you are so beautiful it's hard to handle. Your music breaks me down but it feels so right, so perfect.”

bunny doll [reverbnation]

“amazing stuff man, keep it up”

iaín james [reverbnation]

“i love Ramzo cypher bro. It's dope!”

Rafiq Yazid: [reverbnation]

“Waiting for the pandemic release, I hope it's available to Canadians. So addictive it's disgusting...”

Bunny Doll: [reverbnation]

“Feeling your track “Exempt.” Your tracks are very smooth and you got a good flow. Also, crazy cool lyrics on “Bash Your F***ing Face In.”

Tha-Da-Werk: [reverbnation]

“Labelled Crazy is the S***t, so raw and real...... F*** Yeah!”

Da Crosses [reverbnation]

“good shit!!!!”

“that was awesome 5* for sure, sweet vid, sweeter lyrics and that beat was addictive”

“this shit is mad dope yo, your flow is nice too and the content is sick.”

“killed this beat to much im fully blessed to be doing a collab with No G and JDP thanks G`s Peace”

“lol mad ignorant 5*”

Surgeon General - YouTube

“You have a real talent for writing. Deep and evoking. I feel you.”