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Nine Votes Short / Press

“From Delmar, the punk band (formerly known as Ashes of Shiloh) is now called Nine Votes Short. Their name sounds like something that often occurs on a regular basis at the state Capitol, but the Albany-based band, which includes Jon Delong (vocals) Dalton Lyons (guitar) Kevan Wiegand (bass) Mike Lanni (drums), certainly gets our vote. Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/entertainment/article/Nine-Votes-Short-to-bring-punk-spirit-to-3580041.php#ixzz1xAprvz9D”

“Nine Votes Short plays loud and fast, as most punk rock bands do. With their spikedup hair, jeans and band T-shirts, members of the young Westerlo quartet also have the expected look down when they hit the stage. But their image isn’t something the group takes too seriously. “[ We play] punk music that packs a punch and has a lot of energy — we make sure to keep that, but we kind of all goof off and do a lot of stupid things, too,” bassist Kevan Wiegand said. “And we’re always being ourselves when doing it,” continued guitarist Dalton Lyons. “I mean, we’re all kind of fat, kind of losers. You can tell we’re not really the coolest individuals you’ll meet.” And while on first listen the band’s songs follow in the skate-punk mold of NoFX, Blink-182 and the Descendents, the band is just as likely to start playing Jimi Hendrix songs onstage. The ubiquitous jam band scene has had a strong influence on Nine Votes Short — all four members are big fans of”

“There stood a kiddo with the biggest Mohawk I’ve seen. (I’m sure it’s called something else now but…I’m old.) I looked at him, “nice doo.” He smiled. I was informed by my mimosa serving host that he was “with the band.” I was happy to say that, by the end of the day, I was “with the band” also. I laughed, “did they name the band after you?” when RA told me they called themselves “Nine Votes Short.” I gotta tell ya, these four young men were very good and very entertaining. I watched as the lead singer transformed his little patch of sidewalk into his Madison Square Garden. He didn’t hit a bad note as he jumped in the air, spinning halfway around to land in a crouch on the sidewalk…arms outstretched the closest smiling passer by…and, yes, everyone was smiling.”