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Nine Times Blue / Press

“You can hear many influences at work with the band’s sound (for me it’s easy to hear The Beatles as rethought by Marshall Crenshaw in a Crowded House music video as played-like-crazy by Material Issue), but what matters most is that for all the ear-nostalgia evoked, Nine Times Blue is still an original. They embody the faith that great songwriting is still around.”

“Marrying crisp, radio friendly but thoroughly infectious hook-lines with effective guitar work and a down to earth production, songs such as “Million Miles”, “Fun and Games” and the inspiring title number are the work of songwriting craftsmen. Nine Times Blue are poised to fashion a bright future for themselves.”

“This Georgia-based power pop band bears a certain sonic similarity to the Gin Blossoms, evident on “Falling Slowly” with its tom-to beat and rich backing vocals. That can’t quite putcher finger on it song structure serves Nine Times Blue well.”

“All around, an impressive album from a band that seems to be going places – quickly!”

““Falling Slowly” could be played on rock radio right now, and should be, but it could also have comfortably rested on playlists back in ’94 or ’95.”

“Waldrop’s voice makes him sound like he’s related by blood to Pat DiNinzio, so if you still listen to Green Thoughts or Smithereens 11 once or twice a year, you’ll be happy.”

“A combination of great lyrics…great songwriting…backing vocals and solid musicianship...it will come as no surprise to me if I hear any of their songs on a new hit show.”

“Driven by trade mark jangly guitars, [Nine Times Blue] delivers old style power pop tunes similar to The Connells, Producers and Gin Blossoms while keeping it fresh and new. In today’s musical environment it is refreshing to their music.”

Chris Martin - The Examiner

“With its high energy pop sound, Nine Times Blue’s new album, Falling Slowly, could single-handedly bring about a revival of the alternative rock genre.”

“[Many] bands try but never quite achieve the true power pop sound. Nine Times Blue is one band that gets it right.”

Charleton Post and Courier

“Nine Times Blue have released a fine debut album… It’s a perfect album for the car stereo system and dance floor. A guaranteed chart climber [with] a classic pop sound.”

Mark S. Tucker - FAME

“For those who like their power pop with a rockier edge, although that said, there are enough jangly guitars and melodies for this to sit comfortably in anyones collection.”

Ice Cream Man, Power Pop and More (Ding Ding!)

“Delivers classic sounds evoking thoughts of the classic era of Power Pop, whilst also conveying a sound and style which is very much in the now.”

Ice Cream Man, Power Pop and More (Ding Ding!)

“I could sworn it was the Goo Goo Dolls or The Gin Blossoms. It’s rock with a high jangle content and familiarity.”

Power Popaholic

“Modern, mature, rock/power-pop...in cahoots with the Matthew Sweet/Fountains of Wayne/Crowded House/Gin Blossoms/Jellyfish school of Beatlesesque guitar groups.”

Jack Rabid - Big Takeover

“Great songwriting talent with a distinctive, unique voice. It's new and fresh, but with a hint of "Have I heard this before?" A great combination that draws you in.”

Bryan Holmes (The Producers)

“Waldrop ingeniously models his catchy writing style and jangly rock arrangements after seminal powerpop influences Squeeze, The Smithereens and The Gin Blossoms, while craftily infusing his radio-friendly originals with a more cutting edge plushness that renders them newly germane.”

“The title track,“Falling Slowly,” jumps out of the speakers, sounding like a lost track off of New Miserable Experience from the Gin Blossoms. When the music breaks down at 3:06 for a brief acapella moment - it will give you chills.”

“The album is full of big drums, jangly guitars, and killer hooks that will have you singing along immediately. In this age of single downloads, it’s great to hear an entire album of great songs, and actual guitar solos too! Anyone who’s a fan of melodic rock will find plenty to like about Nine Times Blue.”

“When was the last time you had your spirits lifted by a power pop group you've never heard of and kept coming back to its disc because it sounds so fresh and invigorating? This debut album from an Atlanta-based rock quartet, Nine Times Blue, hooks listeners with its great rhythms, intriguing lyrics, vocals, and foot-stompin' melodies.”

Tom Henry - Toledo Blade

“The Smithereens, Matchbox Twenty, Gin Blossoms all immediately come to mind within the first few notes. And, you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that at all. These are great songs that make you want to sing along with them over and over and show that this band has the chops to deliver not only a great record but a promising future. So, do yourself a favor and track down Nine Times Blue’s Falling Slowly. Your ears will thank you”

Brett Bickley - HonestTune

“Like most people, I compare music I’ve never heard before to stuff I already know, and I very nearly get the same vibe from Nine Times Blue overall that I get from Sister Hazel’s Strange Cup Of Tea off of 2000’s Fortress. That makes this a winner in my books.”

Gonzo Online (Toronto, Canada)

“[Nine Times Blue] serves up a pleasing mix of memorable melodies and heartfelt lyrics that recalls the work of Crowded House, the Gin Blossoms and the Smithereens.”

Tom Wilk - Icon Magazine

“Falling Slowly is one of the best albums I've heard from a fledgling outfit in a long, long time.”

Charlie Ricci - BLOGGERYTHMS

“[Nine Times Blue] have developed a sound that channels such artists as The Smithereens and Marshall Crenshaw and in places reminds one of elements of The Squeeze and the Gin Blossoms. The first full-length album by Nine Times Blue proves that power pop is alive and well in the Atlanta area."”