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Nine Pound Gun / Press

“A shot of rock, a shot of roots. Nine Pound Gun's versatile sound fits on any bill.”

“9LB GUN has released one locked and loaded album and it is explosive It contains ten targeted tracks, is called Twelve, Twelve, and it goes off just like an over under shotgun. One barrel is full of bar room rock - the other, alternative rock backseat ballads. It all packs a one-two punch and can do some major damage when properly aimed. It is great beer bar music loaded with a bit of two-stepping - and it is American as apple pie. ”

“I emportépour the road disc freshly landed Oregon, where résidemon American supplier of news. It is the albumTwelve Twelve, just desortir the promising group NINE POUND GUNcomposé of three young people of Lafayette, Indiana. ILSs' play around superb compositions, Tuneful in Devil, really energetic, motivating rolling quiet, vitresbaissées, by looking through the Plains around, and répandentsous their simple agreements a good taste of America, but also etsurtout, of these timeless harmony chips that adoucissentl'existence. Jeremy Phillips provides guitar parts, connected or not, Robert Lovvorn is drums and Ross Kinslermartèle the rhythm to the electric bass. They deserve a huge brance inch for the sincerity of their words and the music quality available over ten pieces of this album. The rondelleest available on the internet. For the moment, the only link directavec them is their Facebook log:”