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nigredo / Press

“Atlanta’s own Nigredo is putting the final touches on “Collapse & Resurrection,” and they have now made the track “Last of our Kind” available for download.”

“Aching guitars reverberate into a cavern of echoes while Tool-esque bass lines massage your brain. The music drags you into the ether, slowly building as moaning high-end guitar sounds infiltrate the tune. This gorgeous sound continues to build until it drops into a nuclear explosion of thunderous chords and drums, then seamlessly glides back into a groovy melody. They would plateau long enough to allow you to ground yourself, then another explosion would drop. Defying all logic, the song would somehow get even heavier as the band would drop the tempo to half speed, loudly crashing each cymbal and strumming each chord with impeccable precision. This raw sonic power ran like a derailed freight train into a cacophony of distortion and modulation, leaving you breathless… And that was just one song. By the time Nigredo was finished, I found myself reduced to rubble, questioning my very existence. These guys get more epic every time I see them.”

““Collapse & Resurrection” sounds like it would make a great album title, doesn’t it? Well, good news! (Please read that last part in Professor Farnsworth’s voice.) Some very good friends of mine – Atlanta’s own Nigredo – are currently raising money to release their debut album, “Collapse & Resurrection,” on double vinyl. They have an IndieGoGo site set up and are offering many pricing options and packages, including private shows. Also, the artwork looks great!”

“There is every promise that Nigredo’s long-anticipated debut, Collapse & Resurrection, will be one of the major musical highlights of 2013. All the signs are there. The double vinyl release, the beautiful and mystical cover art, the corporeal vs. metaphysical connotations of the album title and the fact that Nigredo have established themselves as one the city’s most talented and compelling live acts, all point to a highly ambitious and painstakingly crafted work that will likely come to define the band’s burgeoning career in one way or another.”

“Atlanta's Nigredo crafts a dark, psychedelic sound that's a moody cousin to math rock, bound by a rumbling, mid-tempo roar”

“Nigredo is Atlanta’s premiere post-rock band, and I would argue that they’re one of the best post-rock bands in the country. They compare their sound to a mix between Mono, A Perfect Circle, and Deftones. I agree, and don’t know if I could describe it any better. While there’s five members in Nigredo, they create such lush and layered compositions, that at times, it sounds like there’s twenty musicians on stage...”

“...Runs the gamut from cerebral, groove-centered alt-rock a la A Perfect Circle to the primordial sludge metal that Georgia, and in particular Savannah and Atlanta, is increasingly becoming famous for. All of it is encased in the band’s dynamic post-rock approach—a style the band has become masterful at manipulating—with a flurry of tempo changes and tension-building/dissolving ebbs and flows. It’s melodic enough to worm its way into your ear, and heavy enough to cave in your skull.”

“To fully experience how incredible Nigredo is go see them live, let go of everything holding you down, and immerse yourself in the music. You will feel a range of emotion that you didn’t think was possible. From ambient to heavy, Nigredo creates a musical landscape that is inspiring and breathtaking...”

"With 15 feet of pedals, including eight Moog pedals, these five men sounded like they were playing about 50 instruments. Outside it only seemed like the world was ending. Inside, thanks to this dark, heavy, droning, harsh music, it was certain. Two frostbitten thumbs up!"

“Nigredo tends toward a balance of punishing, mid-tempo crunch and disquieting ambience. Their ghostly guitar phrases build to plaintive howls, and they command vivid imagery without resorting to vocals.”