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Night Club / Press

“The pair produce dangerously arousing (… Yeah, “erotic” wouldn’t be a strong enough adjective.) songs that take synthesized pop to its pleasantly dirty and accessibly transgressive edges.”

"All these tracks are carnally charged paeans to lustful encounters in the dark corners of the club, where all the best action happens."

"Night Club keep things simple and straightforward without sacrificing memorability; these are monster hooks that are designed to invade brains and stay inside for a long time."

“Night Club’s “Poisonous” Evokes a Racier Britney Spears”

“At the time the pair met, they both wanted to create a pop band in homage to their heroes. But their respective life experiences would lead their music toward a darker arena than Britney Spears. While Emily dealt with her father’s death, Mark faced his own personal demons. Night Club would reflect the pair’s mutual state of mind, offering minor key ballads delving into the underworld of love and sex.”