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“Dante Inferi · Founder, Singer, songwriter, creative black force at Crowfather. I completely and utterly support this great band! May 29 at 10:37am”

Dante Inferi - Crowfather

“Sacrificial Rituals is, 6 + 6 + 6 which equals, A Bloody Masterpiece of Melodic Mayhem! Great powerful vocals with well constructed songs and solos. Jason Aus Black hits multiple vocal ranges with every song. This guy just plain shreds! Nightanimal is not a typical Black or Death Metal band, they are a great blend of Metal all together. The song line up on The Battle of Bands is incredible and where I discovered this band. May the GODS enforce this Metal Entity.”

Sig Erickson - Thor's Metal Hammer

“Well Hell, pass me that chalice and I'll drink some of that blood. Nightanimal is raw, but mixed very well. Especially when I found out the material was recorded with a Tascasm 424 cassette 4 Track, an Alesis Nanoverb for effects, and an Alesis SR16 drum machine. Definitely one hell of a job for one guy. I love the CD "Sacrificial Rituals", and the meanings behind it. Jason Black has put it all out there with no lines to read between. Paint it red is one incredibly haunting tune and the lyrics are Wicked.”

Daymeliah Thorne - Whiteout

“There is some really strong material here. Definite talent and great songs. With some more support and production, this should sell well. Good luck. I'll spread the word.”

“Very in your face and raw. I Love the music and ideas.”

Louis Cypher - Metal Ledge