New Transit / Press

"New Transit’s debut doesn’t fuss with strict limitations. It’s filled with warm, elegant country influences — particularly the timeless allure of floating lap and pedal steel — but with enough gritty edge to widen the audience. About the time you start reminiscing about those old Uncle Tupelo records you need to drag out of storage, New Transit unleashes a moment of upbeat, Neil-Young-meets-Driver-By-Truckers guitar crunch during “All I Have is Words.” Is this group making you feel like headbanging for a few seconds? It is. These 10 songs make you feel a lot of things — mostly pleasure and surprise. New Transit’s first album is the mid-year frontrunner for best local disc of 2011."

“Assuredly American heritage music, this blue-jeaned rock emanates a bloodier sound with soft grit. They will draw you in and keep you there. ”

Heidi Kraay - Boise Performing Arts Examiner

“Well crafted infectious songs. Great Modern Americana”

Steve Fulton - Audio Lab recording Studios/ Visual Arts Collective