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Nekrogoblikon / Press

“First off, this is death metal, so if you're not down for some heaviness, we recommend holding out for the next winsome indie-pop band to catch your ear. But for those who crave some shredding, Nekrogoblikon more than provides. On their new album, "Stench," the band’s songwriting and technical proficiency makes a giant leap forward, with a combination of intricate riffs, blistering solos and catchy choruses that recall At the Gates and Children of Bodom. And the use of electronics to provide atmosphere -- and the occasional trance breakdown -- can be surprising, but works surprisingly well. In a rarity for the genre, it's palpable how much fun the band is having; given how silly symphonic metal can get when it takes itself too seriously, the levity is appreciated. ”

“Stench gives metal fans pretty much everything they need: heaviness, shred, goblins, awesome mix, badass art, brutal vocals – and a sense of humor.”

“...Nekrogoblikon is an immensely talented collective of musicians and songwriters who belong on the global stage with bands like Finntroll...from beginning to end, Stench is a remarkably accomplished work of blazingly fast folk-metal and melodeath that deserves a wide audience.”