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Naia Kete / Press

“if you’re a fan of Adele, Jason Mraz and John Legend, be sure to put Naia on your playlist!”

“Kete’s R&B-tinged voice is expressive and strong, and her jazz- and roots-influenced rhythm guitar playing is right on. She cites Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Nora Jones and John Legend as musical influences. Her versatile band backed her up on ballads then kicked it open with a hot, snaky version of “Jah is Mighty,” a song which Kete took to the rafters. Multi-instrumentalist Madeloni doubled on percussion on several numbers, weaving patterns with Kete’s kid brother Imani.”

“You don’t have to be saccharine to be sweet, is the lesson learned upon listening to Naia Kete’s song “Sweet Music”, which appears off of her newly released debut album sharing the song’s namesake. In this melodious tune Naia’s voice carries a subtle soulfulness with a delicate feeling of fused ease and passion, as she sings slow and steady with the varying accompaniment of guitar, drums and piano. ”

“I've been blessed, with melodies Floating through my head throughout the day I sing, to my heart's content Healing worlds in my brain As these lyrics from Naia Kete's song "Sweet Music" suggest, music courses through the veins of the Shutesbury singer and songwriter. Performing is in her blood. At 1 year old, Kete picked up her first microphone and sang into it. At 8 years old, she performed with her parents in their reggae roots band Black Rebels before a crowd of 30,000 in Africa. By the time she was 13, she was regularly performing with the band, whose members include her mother, father, stepfather and brother. ”