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My Dearest Friend / Press

“My Dearest Friend...came out and just full on stole the show, you guys sounded amazing...Youz gotta check this CD(It Had To Be Done), its HOT, listened to it all day...reminds me very much of a band I knew of from the 90's Dear Ephesus which in lot of ways did to music what these guys have somehow put together, which is saying "YES! there is more than one way you can push musical restraints to its limits and dont look back".”

“Great 3 piece out of Merritt Island that really needs to be seen. ...I could really see their growth in their stage presence.”

Steve Keller - Brevard Live Magazine

“I have been impressed every time MDF plays. I own The 321 LOCAL Rock bar and I have booked these guys several times. They are great musicians and great people too. I look forward to every performance they grace us with, The 321 LOCAL Rock bar loves and supports My Dearest Friend and we look forward to every chance we get to see them work their magic on our stage.”

Kevin Owens - The 321 Local