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MuckRaker / Press

"If the powerful lyrics or the dancing wasn’t enough, every single song here requires you to join in the shouting of the chorus, whether it’s “ALL HAIL MARRYYYY!” (‘All Hail Mary’), “RED VULTUURRREEEE!” (‘Red Vulture’), or the record highlight of “RISE UP ALL YOU LOGGERHEADS, GO AND CRASH THE PARTAYYYY!” (‘Rise Of The Loggerheads’). If you wanted to really strip MuckRaker down to its barest of bones, you would have to say that they are full of just great songs, and that’s basically the essence of why we’re all here. Closing track ‘Too Much Metal For One Hand’ perfectly sums this up, a song about spending their lives listening to their favourite music, pissing off people, drinking, hitting the road, and loving every heartfelt moment of it. Karmageddon is an exceptional record which should propel MuckRaker from their underground status, to serious contenders in the mainstream metal market. It’s an album to unite metal-heads, share a beer, and part

“PITRIFF RATING - 87/100 - There are bands out there that make "metal", and really don't fall into any of the sub-categories too easily. MuckRaker is one of them. I'll classify them as "stoner metal" only because of the heavy Sabbath-like guitar tone, but ultimately you won't be reminded of "Into The Void" or "Paranoid" by listening. In fact, you really won't hear any dominant sub-genre reach out and claim this band. That said, KARMAGEDDON is strong on it's own merits. This is definitely worth picking up.”

“Read Will's interview with Louder Than Hell.”

“MuckRaker is now on Rockers Dive Radio \m/-”

“The 365 Radio Network has added MuckRaker to it's play list!!!!”

“MuckRaker is now on The Black Rose Metal Show \m/-”

“MuckRaker is proud to announce that we have been added to Rock Underground TV \m/-”

“KingMaker from MuckRaker is now in regular rotation on ROCK-101”

“PITRIFF RATING - 91/100 - MuckRaker may be an unsigned, independent band, but their sound is huge and as good or better than the bulk of Southern Lord bands that come across my desk...I'm a fan of the no bullshit punch in the face the music provides. In short, I'm jumping on the BIG BLACK BUS.”

“MuckRaker is proud to announce that "We Are The Majority", a track from MuckRaker's upcoming full length album, "Big Black Bus", will be added in regular rotation to a daily Pod Cast upon completion. Sam Seder, the host of The Majority Report, says of the song, "I love it!" This balls out political talk show can be found here http://majority.fm ”