M. R. Wilde / Press

“M. R. Wilde - Congratulations on being selected 1st runnerup from 8,535 entries in our 10th Anniversary Song Contest with your song entry "Soundclick Baby." The guitar in the intro is the defining theme for this song. Upon that you've built solid harmonies, with a memorable refrain that you can’t help humming. The bridge with the following return to the intro guitar breaks up the song very nicely. We like that the lyrics are promoting the depth and musical variety on SoundClick (“If you wanna rap or get down and rock, …, some swinging jazz, a bit of hip hop”). You are also right on the money with the personal satisfaction that you get when connecting with fans or like-minded peers (“When we connect I feel a good vibration, You've become a best friend of mine”). SoundClick is pleased to award you with a 10 year VIP account valued at $1000.00 ”

"Congratulations M. R. Wilde! Your song 'Hot Girl' was chosen as a Finalist in the 11th Annual Great American Song Contest, an impressive achievement considering the high level of musicianship in this year's event. All songs are evaluated by a music industry pro who are used to hearing exceptional songs so they can be a tough audience. The judging process is involved and takes time because every song receives a thorough review. If your scores are '8' or above for the nine components the judges use to evaluate, you are probably well on your way to becoming a great songwriter! (your avg. score was 8.8) We wish you all the best in your songwriting success."