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motorama / Press

“This power trio of punk dug into their instruments and ripped a hole in the time/space continuum, plastering the audience with a frenzy of pure unadulterated talent. He who is known as The Bertman sets the stage on fire as a rhythm obsessed beast thundering upon the drums with such beautifully consummate abandon that I can only describe him as the stripped-down lean-and-mean Peart-of-punk who hits the mic with the intensity of Animal. If you happen to already be, or you are thinking of sampling what is known as punk, Motorama provides the distilled version. The fine wine of rebellion. Their immense talent and wealth of musical experience was a breath-taking joy to witness and the driving nature of their powerful show is the only way to mosh. Motorama is the ardent punker's Grey Poupon, something to crave, something to savour and definitely something to remember.”

“Taking the stage first, followed by Aging Youth Gang and The Walker Band, Motorama assaulted the crowd with their tightly executed noise rock. I can only assume that the comparisons I had heard to Shellac (the indie rock version of Dreamworks, featuring heavy hitters Albini, Weston, and Trainer) and veterans the Jesus Lizard were appropriate, as I foolishly positioned myself in the well-endowed speakers’ direct line of fire. These boys definitely have it turned up to 11. Possibly 12, I didn’t get close enough to check. I believe there were vocals of some sort, based on the fact that Marcus' lips appeared to be moving, but even if I could have heard them I don’t think that the lyrics were really the point. This is great music to experience live. Heavy, fast, and loud, it bursts at the seams with energy and intensity. I may never catch myself humming it in the shower, but after a hockey game and a few drinks it was right on schedule for a Friday night.”

Amanda Aikman - douglas college paper

“MOTORAMA "Dirt Track Specialist" CD Knuckle draggin' rawk that many a band have mined before and a whole bunch will probably do well into the future. People don't call Lemmy GOD just for shits-n-giggles-it's because they mean it. I'm sure there's a Motorhead shirt or two regularly worn in this band. The dude in shop class who always had on mud splattered jeans that bragged about a installing a t-top on a Firebird (not his of course) and would tell anyone within an earshot that he's gonna have to kick his "best bro's ass for stealing the roaches out of the ashtray" at least once a week should made something like this his theme music but he'd probably call it some "faggot punk shit" that has nothing on Ratt's "Invasion of Your Privacy." http://www.lastchancerecords.net”

“Motorama, a high-energy, higher-decibel band that plays Sunday at Stockton's Plea for Peace Center. Which seems to suit this trio with its roots in punk and heavy rock. Motto: "revved up, stripped down, revved right the heck back up again. We bring it and leave it right there on the carpet." "to write the best songs we possibly can and play live as much as possible" said Lander, during a phone conversation Monday as the group stopped in San Francisco on the way from Redding to Fullerton. They'll garner crowds in Las Vegas and Mexicali, Mexico, during their North American holiday. Visiting Stockton for the first time "because we were just looking everywhere for a place to hit on the way home." (Influences) veer from Jesus Lizard to AC/DC, Ramones, and Motorhead, among others.”