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Matt Rogers / Press

“NSAI and CMT are proud to announce the winners list for the 15th Annual NSAI Song Contest presented by CMT. Upwards of 2,000 songs were received this year. A rigorous judging process featuring a panel of industry professionals selected ten (10) finalists to appear on nsai.cmt.com for the public to vote on throughout the month of February. Matt Rogers' song, "I Was Raised" was selected as one of only 22 entrants to be recognized for this achievement.”

“Nominated for Male Vocalist, Songwriter, and Song ("I Was Raised") in the 2015 Awards.”

“......popVLTR: Congrats on the success of 'Captivated', who are some of your influences? MR: My parents have always loved music....I remember listening to the great music of the 70s when my mom and dad would drive me back and forth to school. My parents diverse taste in all genres really gave me the foundation to be open minded about music. I enjoyed rock music during my teens, but eventually, I began to cling to country music. It resonated with me because it always seemed to have a purpose--a story to tell. I have far too many influences to name. I really enjoy great songwriters. Songwriting is at the core of any musician. Bob Dylan, John and Paul, Tom Petty, Willie Nelson, and Hank Sr. were all amazing songwriters and paved the way. I guess I could say my biggest current influence is Zac Brown. I relate to Zac's efforts to write songs with meaning and emotion.”

“Finalist in the Georgia Country Awards for Male Artist of the Year”

“You had me at Ivory Soap (said of his original song "I Was Raised")! I'm a huge fan and I am just happy to meet you now because I'm hoping to get back stage passes when you become a superstar--and that won't be long!!!!!”

“You're the real deal man. You are the total package. You're a great singer, a great picker, and a great songwriter. I will remember the first time I saw you and it was right here when you arrived. And you have arrived.”

"Hey, sign you up and put you on the radio! I think it's time. I like your voice, I like your songs. I think you're a fine songwriter. I think you're ready to go--you're hot stuff!"

"I think you've got the whole package...the stage presence, the vocals....I love the rasp in your voice. I believe everything you're singing. Everything about it was good for me."

"Loved the tone of your voice. That gravely sound in your voice...that's not something you can just pull off. That's a very cool sound--very unique. We were trying to figure out is there somebody that you sound like--and I don't know anybody with that voice--that's a good thing. Keep writing. You have something going. I dig it. And you're not so bad to look at either!" I believe you--I'm convinced!

“Captivated--“Very classical sounding, It 's got a sweet melody, and the artist has a real nice voice, I could definitely hear this playing on a country music station. It reminds me of a brad paisley type of music, it 's original, and It 's really inspiring. I could see myself listening to this any day. This is a hit!””

Reverbnation - Crowd Review

“Can You Hear Me Now-- "A good strong country styled opening to this song. Very strong leads. The vocals have a lot of feeling and heart. The singer is singing from the depths of his soul,explaining how and why he has become a singer and is singing for you. The guitar is full of life, meaty and strong with a nice modern country with a southern rock twang to it. A very well skilled guitarist up front bringing the notes and riffs out like he was born to play. The breaks and tempos are phenomenal. The piano adds a nice touch mixed in with the big strong and powerful drums, heavy rock country drums, and a hearty bass line." The artist uses many different musical elements such as classic rock and country. He is able to successfully harmonize his vocals well with the melody of the track. His vocals are intelligent and straight to the point.”

Reverbnation - Crowd Review

“The Only Cowgirl--"The vocals have a nice smoky tenor sound to then. They blend nicely with the slide guitar and the distorted electric guitar. Together they create a nice country rock sounding tune that has a catchy guitar line that can get stuck in your head. I like how the vocals have a little more volume then the other tracks in the mix. I could see myself and others drinking beer to this at a bar as it plays.”

Reverbnation - Crowd Review