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MoonVine / Press

"The good news is there's an awesome new mix of the song "Hallway" written by Rachel Bellinsky of Switchyard and performed by Justine Bellinsky of MoonVine. The track (in another form) plays over the credits of "The Bet." The new mix is the full song and is pretty cool. Hoping to be able to get all the various pieces together to shoot a video for it (which, of course, would be an awesome bonus feature on the DVD)."

"The show took a more introspective turn with the appearance of nouveau-goth-piano duo Moonvine. The soaring, siren-like voice of Justine Bellinsky summoned an outpouring of emotion from the reticent audience. "Feels Like Heaven" unleashed a myriad of feelings. Justine's stunning voice was a spectacular highlight of the evening."