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Moonshine Holler / Press

“I can't thank you enough for tonight's performance and leading off our summer concert series. Watching the two of you--and all of those instruments!-- and seeing all of the people enjoying a beautiful summer evening--the kids dancing and running around the lower field--was all we could have hoped for when we envisioned our library and its "field of dreams."”

Laurie Sanders/Westhampton Public Library - Moonshine Holler Press

“Thanks so much for last night! We love your music! The audience was thrilled.”

Jill Thorney - Twelve Moons Coffeehouse

“Thank you so much for your warm, engaging and delightful performance!”

H. Theoharides - Northfield Library

“Thank you for performing "Roots and Branches" at Bidwell House Museum's Township No. 1 Day ....It was a beautiful program and I know a number of people came specifically to hear you play.”

Barbara Palmer, The Bidwell House - Moonshine Holler Press

"...my favorite female singers of country music, broadly defined, sing in a plain, straightforward way, with little ornamentation, and an earnest but subtly -wrought delivery....Modern-day heiresses to this style include such wonderful old-tme singers as Paula Bradley..."

Sarah Bryan - The Old-Time Herald

“Moonshine Holler, the married duo of Bill Dillof and Paula Bradley, ... brought a truckload of instruments, including guitar, banjo, ukulele, fiddle, harmonica, Hawaiian guitar and a clogging board, all of which they put to good use.”

"I genuinely enjoyed Moonshine Holler and not merely because Bill Dillof plays along with Jimmie Rodgers records (although that certainly demonstrates his good taste . . . ) I'm not particularly attracted to group clog dancing, but as a solo, Paula Bradley certainly makes you sit up and pay attention. Damn fine stuff. I played all the cuts on their website and praise every one of 'em."

Nolan Porterfield, Acclaimed Author - WKYU DJ

“... they can only be described as a two-person music festival which captures the essence of American southern roots music."”

“It’s a joy to watch a husband-wife team that has so much fun on stage. Moonshine Holler offers up great vocals and spine-tingling duet harmonies, sweet picking and twangin’, more instruments than you can shake a stick at, and a varied repertoire that ranges from fiery old-time fiddle chestnuts to little-known country crooners. Highly recommended!”

Rani Arbo of Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Moonshine Holler Press

“You can be pretty confident that any group featuring Bill and Paula will come up with old-time music of the best sort.”

Tom Paley, founding member, New Lost City Ramblers - Moonshine Holler Press

“Paula & Bill are two of the most versatile and knowledgeable old-time musicians I know. They can pull off so many facets of the tradition with such ease. They’re great players, great singers, and they know how to have fun!”

Rayna Gellert - Moonshine Holler Press

“Being passionate about early country music means nothing less than a lifetime of study and devotion. You eat, drink and breathe these wonderful old traditions until they become part of your being and you can speak from them with clarity and inspiration. Paula & Bill are two artists who have done just that. As Moonshine Holler, their sweet music will transport you to a wonderfully different place and time and leave you a smile on your face and a lilt in your step.”

Bruce Molsky - Moonshine Holler Press