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Monroe Monroe / Press

“Monroe Monroe’s sound is massive. If you were to see this band in any of Denver’s smaller venues, you would feel smothered, as if the band had filled a water balloon the size of Mile High from the stage. In an overused word, it’s “anthemic.” Bombastic guitars wash over driving beats as lead singer and guitarist Frank “Moonbeam” Abbetacola’s voice soars. Sure, even a casual listener can draw easy comparisons to a host of bands, but Monroe Monroe is not a mere copycat, and this is a sound with staying power. The songwriting is solid, and the delivery, both live and on record, is heartfelt and XXXL.”

“This fourth EP from Monroe Monroe is a more refined effort than previous offerings, both sonically and in terms of the songwriting. On "Everything You Give," the descending-guitar-riff intro and the way it then winds through the song is reminiscent of Comsat Angels' melancholic compositions, only infused with more upbeat energy. The clipped rhythms of guitar and drums over the wash of dark tones in "The Salesman" recall something Duran Duran might have done had it followed the natural progression out of "Planet Earth." On "Sleepy Rose," Frank Abbatecola's Ian McCulloch-esque vocals lock in well with the song's sweeping and urgent pace. As much as Monroe Monroe has honed its sound, the band's expansive energy is still in place, as is its ability to craft dynamic, anthemic melodies.”

“Monroe Monroe delivers a solid indie-rock/punk sound in the tradition of Interpol and old-school U2”

“Their cohesiveness is something akin to a band that's been touring so long, everyone knows each other a little too well. Even more unique to Monroe Monroe's story is lead vocalist and guitarist Bella Abbatecola's time spent in Antarctica, generously influencing the type of music they produce.”

“With a heavy-hitting rock jam and ready-for-radio hooks and riffs, Monroe Monroe is a dynamic live band whose sound only intensifies in the headphones (or stereos, more fittingly).”

“Awash in guitar play and atmospherics, "Subject One" is a love song with a damn catchy chorus, packed with "woahs" and "ohs" perfect for a summer sing-along: "Whoa, we love her/And oh, we tell her/Whoa, we love her." The lush sound recalls Coldplay's "Speed of Sound," while Matt Morse's drum work on this studio version stamps and stomps as if it were a live show. In some ways, it's not what you'd expect from Monroe Monroe, but it works, in a U2-grandeur sort of way.”

“Anthemic and bombastic, this incarnation of the band — which also features Lauren Gale and Tavis Alley, formerly of Speakeasy Tiger — sounds like something that should be on the radio alongside Muse but isn't just yet.”

“The track, recorded at the Blasting Room earlier this week, is literally still hot to the touch, and holy hell if it didn't completely stop traffic for me this morning. I'm waiting for everyone in the office here to start banging on the walls. It's only a matter of time --- not only have I been playing the tune non-stop all morning, but I've got this bugger just cranked.”