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Molly Thomas / Press

““Molly Thomas has made a great Sunday morning record, coming across soulful, world weary and sincere all at the same time...I hear a sort of Lucinda Williams/Velvet Underground fusion, or like Nico and Lucinda in a slow, quiet catfight. Like blues meets New York jaded resignation without losing its soul. I like the record. It moves me.””

"...As a writer, Thomas isn’t about dressing her messages up; she’s about carving down to the essence of the matter at hand... ...Thomas seems to approach writing more like a poet than a songwriter, and when she’s used enough words to get the point across, she’s done..." read more

"...She’s also a roots-pop singer-songwriter with a strong point-of-view and a way of expressing it that leaves the sharp edges on, often to exhilarating result. There are moments on her new album — Make Everything Bright, which she co-produced with Robert Plant drummer Marco Giovino — when she comes off like a southern Sam Phillips..." read more

““Molly Thomas is unfiltered ‘south.’ She is the feel and the sound of the southern United States. In an America where food chains, homogenized broadcasting and department stores oppress the uniqueness of any time and place, Molly manages to sound untouched and singular in her expression. She's vulnerable and stubborn while she honors the themes of loneliness, literature and that ethereal humidity that comes with the southern perspective.” ~ Matthew Ryan”

"ive always prefered to listen to molly's records more than anybody else's in our little nervous wreck family. they just have this witchy mysterious vibe to them that sounds so great when im cooking outside. and with this batch of songs i really think molly has taken her art even further and opened her heart even wider. you know its not easy to be a woman in this town or my band. male songwriters think we know everything, i remember a particular night backstage listening to a male songwriter giving molly a bunch of advice he probably shouldve been asking her for..... she listened politely of course , and then she went out and let her music do the talking. the guy had to follow her and it wasnt pretty. with this album i feel like once again molly is proving that she lets her music do the talking. good luck following this one fellas." ~ Todd Snider

"Singer/songwriter/musician extraordinaire Molly Thomas exhibits an endless amount of talent with every live performance."

"Thomas was most effective, raising her voice in hymn-like fashion to stun the audience into reverential silence as songs from her Shoot the Sky recording trippingly bounced around the interior walls of the historic building."

"Thomas' album sounds like nothing else going on in town. It's distinctly Southern yet not at all "country," and she uses the blues as an intimation and a feeling, not as a pattern of well-worn chords."

Peter Cooper - The Tennessean

"The album has a slightly gauzy sound, but it's not the production haze often used to cover up the limitations of weak vocalists. It's more the throwback resonance of projects like last year's Jack White-Loretta Lynn album."

““Molly Thomas is no little lady, bemoaning her trials and tribulations at the hands of the wrong kind of man. There's a streak of defiance a mile wide in her voice and, as a writer, she kicks where it hurts and with unerring accuracy.””