Mojo Perry / Press

“Totally badass! I love Mojo Perry and his band!!”

Michael Guirley - Guitarist for DaDa - Michael Gurley - Guitarist for DaDa

“A genius on the guitar and a gifted songwriter!”

“Mojo Perry is an absolutely fucking amazing guitarist!!”

Joie Calio - DaDa - Bassist - Joie Calio - Dada (Band)

“I havent heard anything like Mojo Perry since Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower! "Absinthe Journeys" is Fuc*ing Amazing!!”

Phil McCormack - Phil McCormack (Lead singer for Molly Hatchett!)

"Have you ever relaxed in the early evening with a fine cigar and a whiskey on the rocks while sitting on your back porch? Yeah, this is what Mo Jo Perry sounds like. Deep and smoky, smooth and intoxicating." ~ Shane Speal

“He's a dynamic guy who equates music with art in what seems to be a refreshing and unique way. Rather than talking about music, he speaks of art.”

“The last large revolutionary of the blues! Bravo!!”

“Mojo Perry is the baddest of the bad in all of Wisconsin!”

Aaron Williams - Aaron Williams of Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo

“Mojo Perry's is a great guy and his music is incredible! Absinthe Journeys is now my most favorite CD!!”

John Galvin - John Galvin - (Keyboardist for Molly Hatchet)

“Applauded songwriter and idol of the cigarbox guitar!”

Altri contenuti - Ill Tirreno

"You connect with him through his passionate guitar playing and identify quickly that he lives the songs he writes. Great Vibe!"

The Voice

"A pioneering underground Artist who has been wowing the midwest for years!"

Wausau City Pages

"He makes that Cigar Box Guitar smoke!"

~ Chris Duarte

"What I like about that guy is that he lives, breathes, eats, and shits, music. Absolutely amazing."

Roxy Reno - Valley Scene

"Startlingly Brilliant!" ~ p. mAcdonald

Pat MacDonald - Pat MacDonald - friend, Purgatory Hill, Timbuk3

"Mojo Perry displays all the natural raw edge talent of his generation. His blues are authentic and his originals are nothing short of amazing!"

- Elijah And The Power House Show Band

"Echoing Endlessly Inside My Head" is a lesson in tripped out Guitars. It's 10 tracks of stoned, psychedelic, tripped out Rock n Roll!"

Roxy Reno - The Valley Scene

“When I think of Mojo Perry I think of Charles Bukowski, Hunter Thompson, and Jack Kerouac all rolled into a Psychedelic Guitarist! Great playing, Excellent Music, and broad vision. Great!”

Chris Duarte

"An Absolutely Fabulous Musician! Amazing music!" - Junior Brandtly (Fabulous T-Birds, Jimmy Vaughn)

Junior Brandtly - Junior Brandtly

"He has his own sound. It's great. I don't like no copycats and Mojo aint no copycat. I dig that!"

~ Lee Gates

“...he's a music guy. He plays, writes, creates, and experiments with music. It's who he is, it's what he does. He's also a bit of a slut when it comes to playing live. If you look, you can find him."”

Roxy Reno - Valley Scene

“An absolute classic vintage of patience, developed from an experimental theater of horizon-wide images, sounds,& feelings; offerings of wise to wishful recipes of tones arduously molded into thoughtfulness. The CD grows on you without mercy, without compassion.”

New Music Revue

“I picked up on Mojo's work about 3 years ago and since then he has been a regular play on my show. If you thought his last album "CLOSER TO THE FAR AWAY" was great then you have to listen to his new one: it's f*^"%cking BLINDING AWESOME!! ~ Ray Broadband 98.8 & 89.6 fm”

"Wild Wreckless Abandon! Mojo is an Awesome Player!"

Chris Duarte

"Definitly a 21st Century Bluesman!"

Kim Fowley

"f*^"%cking BLINDING AWESOME!!" ~ Ray Broadband

“When Mojo Perry plays his guitar it's dirty, gnarly and naked, You'll love it!”

Underground Times

"Mojo Perry is one of the best Guitarists in the state of Wisconsin!"

Chris Szebeni from BoxKarr

“Brutally honest lyrics and raw, clever, guitar playing. Great CD!"”

Daily Mining Gazzette