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Modern Rock Music / Press

“How to effectively book your band: 1. It start w your or booking person ANSWERING their phone and responding to emails. Somewhere, someone started the practice of NOT returning calls/emails to offers that don’t interest them. You don’t have to divulge WHY you’re not interested but to respond is generally considerate. 2. Don’t take more than 72 hrs to confirm or deny an offer. Some artists, and even some agents think it’s a “savvy” business tactic to “stall”. Truth is at 72 hrs you KNOW whether you want, can or WILL play a show, venue or event. Beyond that??… you’re stalling for whatever reason (don’t like the pay, venue or entertaining OTHER offers…)….my pet PEEVE is to make a show offer to an artist and it takes two wks figure out if the can or cannot do the date. At 72 hrs I’M done and have recinded my offer and I’m on to another show bet I’m not the only one”

“ROCK or STOP IT?! Welcome Band Camp For Dummies, lol..... .And you all thought we were joking!!! Over the last several years and through the evolution of online promo packs, Myspace, Facebook... and insert social networking flavor of the week.... Since before the dawn and fall of Tila Tequila and around the time we were all friends with what’s his face from Myspace, getting your band name out there had never before been so easy! Day after day we were bombarded with friend requests and add-me comments from bands begging us to be their friend and listen to their music. While the music was rarely great, the one thing we could always count on were the “Epic and Awesome - We’re HxC!” profile pics. At some point the epidemic hit and a nation of social media flocked to the music scenes, being a performing musician was the only way to go! An avalanche of attempted greatness took off like a wild fire and there were bands and promo photos EVERYWHERE! If imitation is the best form of fl”