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Mock Sun / Press

“The overall sound is a slippery, genre-bending fever dream of folk, twee-pop and psychedelia peppered with spoken word passages and mind-altering production effects. Staunchly defying easy categorization, the best way to describe “Hungry Mother” is simply as a twisting, haunting, sensual masterpiece.”

The Weekender

"The soft vocals are key to this slick song, as each word drips off the lips of Jami Kali, who delivers them at a perfect tone for the song. They easily could be related to a femme fetale singer in a film, as they will leave you with a desire to hear more."

Words For Music

"Sultry, freaky, expansive, twisting and turning come the grooves that guide “Cosmic Infinite Departure”, a ground-control-to-major-tom soundscape that firmly supplants itself in a place that is very much its own"

Speak Into My Good Eye

"A psycho- tropic substance for the soul."

570 Mine Fire