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Miss Von Trapp / Press

"A phenomenally dark, twisted, inspired and brilliant performance. We loved every minute of it, thank you!"

"She's kind of Rasputina meets the Tiger Lillies meets the room this old spinster named Priscilla kept full of creaky antique toys on the street where I grew up. If that room had had a soundtrack, I bet it would've sounded exactly like Miss Von Trapp. Come to think of it, what the hell was I ever doing in that room? My parents did not inculcate me with a proper sense of Stranger Danger. If I were the subject of a Miss Von Trapp song, I surely would have met an untimely end."

"Like a gothic doll from a horror movie sits Miss Von Trapp cackling and sat astride her electric cello. Booming out morbidly moribund lyrics and revamped traditional songs with a disturbing 'sing-a'long' style reminiscent of a scene from a Tim Burton film, Miss Von Trapp will hold you spellbound with her dark operatic capers and yet it is laughter that abounds in her audience as we find mirth in the twisted details of her songs and story telling. I recommend experiencing her performances - they're to DIE for."

“ "Gifted singer, musician and rare perceptive wit, the artist Miss Von Trapp deserves appreciation." "A rather grand ocean of quirk. An exceptional talent."”

"Nice to hear a song accompanied by a cello in cabaret as opposed to a ukelele or piano! And I like how folky it sounds :)"

"Miss von Trapp is a British cellist of the neo-Vampirian tradition. She is a cellist much like Johnny Ramone was a guitarist. Theatrical, sinister, brooding, vaguely threatening, her work is a real treat."