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Laney Jones / Press

“Laney Jones could pull her weight simply performing as the banjoist for Laney Jones & the Lively Spirits, but thankfully she shares her vocal talents with the world as well. Marrying the sprightliness of youth with the tame confidence of an old soul, Jones’ live vocals venture freely from smooth to saucy, with lyrical content spanning broken hearts to whiskey. Between her formal training sessions in songwriting and bluegrass at Berklee, the ambitious singer — along with bandmates Matthew Tonner (guitar), Curtis Seligson (bass, mandolin, dobro) and Alex Shames (percussion) — has toured major roots festivals and opened for the likes of Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts and more.”

“Laney Jones is one spunky bluegrass musician. You’ve gotta love it. She’s got the chops. She’s got the tunes. She’s tearing up the bluegrass circuit with her band, the Lively Spirits. A DJ once referred to her voice as “mixture of lemon, molasses, gin, and gun powder.” After listening to her songs, I totally understand that comparison.”

“Bottom Line: Laney Jones will affirm your faith in music again. She is a unique, hardworking Florida based artist that doesn’t need anything handed to her, and knows [her] way around a stage.”

“Folk-Americana singer, Laney Jones was meant for country music, and it was meant for her. Just listen to the track “Broken Hearts” and see if you can imagine her doing anything else. Her voice resembles those of the First Aid Kit girls. So rich and clear, you could cut it with a knife. This banjo toting singer/songwriter is dedicated to honing her craft as she is currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Laney’s got a few festival and coffee shop shows coming up from now into December. Be sure to go get your toe tappin’ on!”

“With the versatility to go from sighing breeze to easy-sipping brass, Jones still has that vintage sweetness on lock. However, there seemed like less precious revivalism this time and glimpses of greater emotional resonance, something approaching truer folk soul. As the thing that promises that her future holds more than cute novelty, it’s a very good omen, and it’s why she’s worth watching carefully.”

“From start to finish "Golden Road” by Laney Jones delivers the psychedelic mojo and is a consistently uplifting 10 Track release from start to finish. The music is diverse, grooving, upbeat, soulful and sonically entertaining. The songwriting – all consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair and signature groove. The writing, playing and singing abilities of Laney Jones and her counterpart Matthew Tonner blew me away. Their amazing approach to songwriting and multi instrumentation is something millions of people should gravitate towards.”

“When you hit play and listen to the first few grand slam tracks: “Broken Hearts”, “Devil Down” and “Black Coffee” you will quickly be blessed and enlightened by the musical presence of this artist. “Golden Road” is to me a monumental concept album or a journey if you will with so many musical and spiritual layers it should be heralded as a gem. But besides this it will encourage you to dance or maybe tap your foot.”

“The main focus of this genre of music is generally the personality of the artist, here Jones wins you over without even trying. The amazing lyrical content never feels like an afterthought. What’s more the vocal work and impeccable songwriting and playing from Jones and her crew really brings it all together. I might add Jones plays Banjo, Ukulele, Kazoo and Harmonica on the album. Oh and she sings exceptionally well. All in all it’s a powerful combination that puts a [gal] like Laney Jones on the map for 2013. She should go a long way towards proving that real music is still alive and well.”

“I am a sucker for songs with a catchy hook and a whole lot of heart. This tune by Florida-based songstress, Laney Jones starts off with earnest acoustic guitar, building momentum until an electronic beat kicks in at the chorus. When in the wrong hands this sort of genre switcheroo can be a sloppy let down; when done well, a cathartic dance floor anthem that makes you sing-along and shake your booty (e.g. “Wake Me Up” by Avicii / Aloe Blacc). Put “Stronger Than You Know” in the latter category. Everything else I’ve heard thus far has been similarly impressive, though varied. Her 2013 (and most recent) album, Golden Road is warm and intimate indie folk, while some of the more recent tracks she has been involved in hits right in the sweet spot between pop and folk singer-songwriter.”

“Laney's voice is warm, expressive and strong. It definitely suits the country direction. She sings the songs in such honest and genuine manner that you can't help but feel the emotions she felt while writing the songs. To sum it up: Even though Laney Jones has her very own style and sticks with it throughout the entire album, she still manages to keep the variety wide and interesting. Her voice and the clever instrumentations make every song worth listen to.”

"Her voice is a mixture of lemon, molasses, gin and gun powder..."

Curtis Earth - WPRK 91.5 FM

"Wow! I’m sure most members of the audience were not familiar with Laney before the show. I sensed that she won over most people with her warmth and talent. She was completely at ease on the stage, starting out playing the ukelele and ending on the banjo...Her songs are well-written, with lyrics that are sometimes playful and sometimes serious. They’re always good though. I think the music world will be seeing a lot of Miss Laney Jones in the future."

"The experience of listening to her music (is)....like being hit with a surge of sincerity."

Brianna Key - BRINK Magazine

"Young Mount Dora singer-songwriter Laney Jones is a little bit folk and a little bit jazz, but all old-time. And at her album release party (July 12, Lil Indies), she and her band packed the little house and waxed it all in golden, time-frozen amber with their charming Americana sound. But its all in her voice, and its a thing that brims with as much sweet innocence as it does rich craft."

"There is a special talent brewing in Florida. Laney Jones has spirit and a beautiful voice. I have rarely heard someone take a ukelele and so capture my attention. A touch of old time music, a touch of her own creativity..."

Larry Jones (no relation, just a fan)

“There's a lot of wonderful old-time music at the heart of this show, delivered skillfully by the musical trio of Laney Jones (on ukulele and banjo), Bill Jickell (mandolin) and Chris Campbell (upright bass). Jones, in particular, shines as the "aw, shucks" troubadour who sets the scenes with understated charm.”