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Mic Bratsis / Press

“Mic Bratsis was a name I was unfamaliar with until 10/31/2011. He took the stage at Church in Boston with a crowd in front of him, following his every move. From content/wordplay to style to stage presence, he easily owned his slot that night. If you see his name on a flyer, head out and catch him live. He'll be on my radar from now on...”

- Matthew Whitlock - Notoriety - Co-Manager/Marketing Manager/Website Editor

"Mic Bratsis is a young rapper with a lot of drive and talent. You can feel his drive and hear his lyrical talent on every track and at every performance. Mic Bratsis most definitely stays true to Hip Hop by rapping from his heart and always seems to impress me with every new flow and every new track."

"Mic Bratsis, one of Boston's great new talents to watch out for!"

Hear Now Live

“ Shout out to my boy Mic Bratsis! He had a show the other day and damn it was poppin'. To be honest he is one of my close friends but I barely listen to his music cause I'm just an (explicit) that hates listening to up & coming artists. I started listening to his songs a couple days before his show and I never thought he was so good. I guess I doubted him a bit. But in the end the show was hella dope, and he also gave me a shout out for taking photos. It was a good night. Posting up one of his songs soon. One of my favorites.”

“Mike Bratsis is an amazing young lyricist with a modern twist on an old school flow. With quality words good rhymes and beats, he's headed to the top.”

P by L - Lumyr Derisier