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The Mighty Swine / Press

““Last Man Standing” is a pure Heavy Metal Album with balls. The Heavy Riffs, Powerful Drumming, and Strong Bass Lines will appeal to classic metal lovers.”

““Last Man” is very clearly is going for itself, which makes it a welcome novelty among cover, tributes, and copycat bands. “Pool of Emptiness,” and “Two Graves” stand out as some of the better quality productions, even though there is a very distinctive touch of Black Sabbath in the mix, whereas “Rite of Passage” is very distinctive with a whole fistful of Sabbath. Overall, it’s a nice job here and well worth a place in your collection.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the cover of JUDAS PRIEST’S “Hell Bent For Leather” which was made even better by the fact that Skimmerhorn didn’t try to emulate The Metal God Rob Halford, he sang it his way while still keeping true to the spirit of the original. PRIEST covers are very hit and miss with me, but this one is a sure-fire hit, 100% Maestro-approved! In short, THE MIGHTY SWINE are a damn good band that provides a great soundtrack for whatever you may be doing, whether that’s driving down the highway, or getting a workout in.”

“American muscle flexed proudly, stories of a once broken heart now corrupted and the mountain of destruction from a league of chaotic so-called leaders come together in a well produced sound. The Mighty Swine take a giant leap forward in their campaign with Last Man Standing.”

“Regardless of how the immensely tuxedo talented the outfit tries to hide under their old leather, the crown of glory on this project belongs to Rory Faciane. His “tap-dancing demon” style is a vicious onslaught throughout. Tribal and daring, hard and evil, this man can play to splinter your ribcage. There are moments when he overpowers, (which again, I blame on production), but the boys still hold their own. He’s a force to be reckoned with, pushing the pounding with a resounding, “I’m sorry, did that hurt? Good!!””

“there is no doubt his (Mike Skimmerhorn) 4-string skills easily rank in the top 5 with the best of them – and I mean that. Harris, Lee, Burton, Blasko, Skimmerhorn - seriously.”

“Donahue and Tong are solid, titanic shredders. The blend, compliment, and compound as a single unit, which is a skill most dual-axed acts don’t follow. They’re able to pull off innovative, driving chord progressions and riffs as if it were no different than lifting a beer. The solos, for the most part, sing with distinction and unpretentious flair.”

“Unfiltered heavy rock with incredible rhythm and tempo. The longer Last Man Standing runs, the more insidious its special blend of bleak harmony and mind-numbing guitar make a happy home in your twisted heart.”

“Holy shit, is this a long lost Yngwie album? From the first few bars of “Dead Man’s Stare”, you have to wonder if some enterprising soul dug through boxes of tapes and clutter to unearth an unreleased gem from 1985.”

“Last Man Standing is an Excellent CD for serious rock fans.....amazing guitar playing and vocals compliment each other......NO screaming, NO head banging........just serious old school rock.....it's rare that you get nine songs that are all worth listening to, but Last Man Standing has them.”

“(The Mighty Swine) are oriented to the origins of metal with a lyric solution stylistically classic but well mixed with the context.”

"The Mighty Swine are nothing but a bunch of well trained soldiers armed to the teeth with outstanding skills"

"Last Man Standing" is a full on barrage of utter mayhem! Perfectly crossing over between Progressive Hard Rock and true, Traditional Heavy Metal.

"The Mighty Swine- WOW!!!! these guy's blew me away! I'm lovin their vocal's - the way they come together on "LUST" is just BAD ASS bottom line, I am adding them to my rotation effective NOW! Thank you for allowing me to be able to share this with my listeners"

Kevin 'Grape Ape' Dean - Rock 105.1 KTMC

“THE MIGHTY SWINE’s debut album is a solid piece of classic Blues-tinged Heavy Metal. These guys have that rare “click” where all the band members can play off each other perfectly, which is all the more impressive given the raw and loose nature of the music. Sate your curiosity and give Skimmerhorn and crew a shot!”

“these dudes do sound like (a) they know how to rock a riff and (b) they know how to have a good time. So all you scuzzbuckets (like me) who are still hangin’ on to that ragged-out cassette copy of Slaughter’s Stick It to Ya should just do yourself a favor and catch these Swine wallowin’ around in their Heavy Metal indulgences with their friends on a stage near you.”

“The first several songs — "Everlast", "Layin' Down the Law", and "Human Sacrifice" — are fairly strong, even approaching sizzling in the riff/lead department.”