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“Midnight Rock Opera and its new stage band, The Midnight Rock Orchestra, are both in the RN New Mexico Metal Top 10 since February 10, 2014. Visit http://www.reverbnation.com/midnightrockopera and http://www.reverbnation.com/themidnightrockorchestra”

Robert W Townsend - Midnight Rock Opera on ReverbNation

“I did not expect this. In addition to New Mexico's #1 in popularity across all genres with 77,500 likers/fans, today Midnight Rock Opera has TWO ReverbNation New Mexico Metal Top 20s including a Top 10. I feel like The Beatles-NM. Is it Operamania? Hahaha. Congrats to the dudes who've helped me do this thing. Kody Audette, Reggie Giles, Bob Bolz, David Hubbard, Joe Creel, Tim Wilson, Bill Heatherly, and Victor Sanchez.”

“excelelent! Awesome music! ”

Frederick Frank - ReverbNation

"Ty Cobb" fantastic!!! metal meets rock opera is totally awesome. Love it in So. Fla * Patricia

Patricia (Econogyngle) - ReverbNation

“that guy singing on that video sounded good, plus he has a almost exact same singing vocal voice like ozzy osbourne give it a 5 stars”

Danny Savage (from California) - Facebook

“The best Rock Opera in cyberspace. On a New Mexico Rock music historic scale. The biggest Rock to ever come from New Mexico. On Facebook, the world's biggest venue. https://www.facebook.com/MidnightRockOpera”

“Jc Long, 11/12/2012. A record review of Midnight Rock Opera: The #1 Rock album from New Mexico. 'A wonder of nature... Robert W. Townsend's Midnight Rock Opera embodies the soulful flavor of the wuthering heights of Rock. Entwining philosophical paradigms like Zarathustra and the Great Awakening, this record represents the legend of our time. Like the White Wizard Gandalf, Robert casts Evil back to the shadows whence it came. Nothing can stop the creative genius from New Mexico, this humble giant, Robert W. Townsend !'”

Jc Long - Facebook

“The Best Rock Opera in Cyberspace”