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Midnight Kahuna / Press

“This singer songwriter has been taking notes, and it’s paid off. Midnight Kahuna’s Rick Canut lists Billy Joel, The Police and Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefers as an influence, but instead of approaching the studio like an earnest fish out of water, his taste in music feeds into a sound that resembles Elvis Costello born onto the modern day punk scene. Canut certainly puts his peers to shame with songs that make other attempts at garage punk seem farcical. In particular, lead song “Jackie Star” sounds like it was produced in a bedroom in 2014 but jimmies and jives like it was penned in some long forgotten basement circa 1975. The fusion of spit and swing is unusual, but coming from Midnight Kahuna it makes perfect sense. Based in Miami, it doesn’t seem like Midnight Kahuna will tour the UK any time soon, but if you live stateside the prospect would certainly be worth a venture outside. Otherwise, you can listen to “Jackie Star” below and find out more”

“popVLTR: You've been making moves in Miami, how'd you get into music? MK: We are a Miami based group. With the exception of our guitarist who is originally from New York, the rest of us are Miami Natives which is rare because Miami is filled with people from somewhere else.We've all been around the music scene down here for years. We have worked with different bands, as session players, or as different incarnations of what is now, the Midnight Kahuna. How'd we get into music? Pretty much how you get into anything else I would imagine. We weren't into fishing or sports I guess. Our heroes were musicians. Once we discovered we had a talent for it, it became our form of expression.”

"These guys are consumate showmen! When I go see see the Midnight Kahuna, I go for the experience. I get the music, I get the vibe, I get the whole shabang! Their fans are wearing the band's t-shirts, they are buying the albums and learning the songs. They have a live following that is not common in that they are one community much like the parrotheads that follow Buffett or like the Deadheads who would follow the Grateful Dead. They call themselves the Kahunuts and they can get nutsy! It's great just to sit back at a Midnight Kahuna show and watch the interaction not just between the band and the fans but between the fans themselves. It is something that has been missing in the scene down in South Florida and its great to see a resurgence in that kind of fan interaction. If you haven't seen the Kahunas in concert, do so. You won't regret it and chances are, you'll be hooked!"

Bee Gonzo - Sunshine City Music Blog

"Congratulations to the Midnight Kahuna on making it to the Regional Finals of the Hard Rock Rising Competition 2012! They will be battling it out on March 8th, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood to see which band gets to represent the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in the final phase of the competition! We wish them all the luck in the world!!!"

The Savage Patty Newsletter

"The Midnight Kahuna is unique and original in their sound. They are talented and seasoned. It does not hurt either that they are "easy on the eyes", as some girls who frequent their shows have put it. I wouldn't be surprised if they become the next best thing out of Miami. They definitely have what it takes to do it."

Bill White - Miami Life Magazine