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Michael Ray / Press

“Can I Run To You” ~ Artist: Michael Ray: Album: “Can I Run To You” ~ By International Music Reviewer Rhonda Readence ~ “Can I Run To You” is truly an artistic vision, not only within the instrumentation but also within the lyrics. Michael Ray’s skill as a songwriter is predominately apparent as he is able to reach into the depths of his own soul to find these words. Michael Ray, pianist extraordinaire, cites rock, R&B and gospel among his musical influences, and there are certainly elements of R&B in his single “Can I Run To You” There is also a bit of a jazz essence as well, and it’s not a stretch to imagine Michael Ray singing gospel either. Michael is accompanied by his brother Stephen on drums as he gracefully performs. It is skillfully written and brilliantly composed. The instrumentation and sound quality are exceptional, and the vocals are solid throughout. The piano playing is simply beautiful. After hearing this piece, fans will be very impressed!”

"Piano Blues" ~ Artist: Michael Ray: Album: "Can I Run To You" ~ By International Music Reviewer Nick DeRiso ~ West Coast-based pianist Michael Ray has been performing with sibling drummer Stephen since they were 10 and 7 years old, respectively. Together, they’ve played more than 2,300 concerts together. That deeply ingrained sense of musical brotherhood, almost like the two are finishing each other’s sentences, plays out on the cool-rocking single “Piano Blues.” Michael opens the song with piano run, playing over the top of a loping, idiosyncratic rhythm from Stephen. It’s a beat that strongly recalls the the slanted downtown streets of New Orleans, and it defines the record. As Michael begins to comp with one hand and circle and cry with the other, there’s a bluesy complexity that points toward Horace Silver. Except that neither played in front of the complex cacophony of Stephen’s drumming. Their forthcoming release promises to be a sweeping, offbeat joy.

“Mariana from Romania: Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Michael your wonderful voice, the lyrics, the sound of the piano clearly... a harmonious whole, that went straight to my heart .. Thank God, you exist!”

“Part 1, Mona from Sweden: No review in the world could ever make your amazing album justice, Michael, but I've made a try anyway... Michael Ray’s timeless masterpiece ’’Can I Run to You’’ invites you to a romantic world of unforgettable melodies with stunning soundscapes composed and performed with outstanding technical brilliance and feeling. Not only reveals the album, Michael as one of the world’s foremost piano virtuosos, but also as an excellent singer songwriter. The catchy refrain in the title track ‘’Can I Run to You’’ wraps around the heart like a beautiful dreamweb. These are feelings transformed into music. Michael’s astonishing voice filled with emotions works its magic in love-infused songs like ‘’I Love You Too’’ and ‘’You Made Me Love Once Again’’.”

“Part 2, Mona from Sweden: On ‘’What Would Have Been’’, Michael makes romantic despair sound good and proves once more that he has musical talent that verges on the magical. ‘’I Long For You’’ is another jewel of this album. This instrumental song opens up to a universe of melodic wonders waiting to be discovered – over and over again. There is always something new each time you hear it. Many of the songs are accompanied by Michael’s gifted brother Stephen on drums. The powerful ballad ‘’Nothing but a Dream’’ truly shows his mastery. Here the drumbeats are so intense they almost become tactile. Like echoing lonely heartbeats they perfectly reflect the subject-matter of the song. Michael Ray’s ‘’Can I Run To You’’ is music touched by hands of heaven.”

“J. from California, USA: This song "CAN I RUN TO YOU" to me is very special. It touches my heart and deep into my soul. It gives the meaning of what true Love really is, if she runs to him,as he sings with all his heart. As she should and make her his, forever and always hold him tight and never let him go. This is what dreams and hopes are made of. I think its amazing how music can touch someone. Not all music or musicians can do that. It takes true passion for that to happen and Michael really has it.”

“Diane from Florida, USA: Wow Michael.. "Can I Run To You" .. So passionate of delicate singing poetry from your heart! An innate sadness and piercing melancholy spirit of love. Magical, as you dance so lovely upon the keys! Listening, as I close my eyes, feel every emotion running through my veins. You're an amazing artist and your music is a wonderful gift to the universe! Bravo!!”

“Marilyn from USA: I Just wanted to let you know how much your music has been such a gift in my life. It seems that your music just matches the day I've had and it's a beautiful thing. You made me smile when all I wanted to do was cry. I have to thank you for all you have done to help me understand myself, and you didn't even know that you did it. Thank you.”

“Juanita from California, USA: I recieved my new CD...... ♫ ♪ღ♥¸¸.·*´¯`♥ღ♥¸¸. ♫ ♪ "CAN I RUN TO YOU". As I listen to your harmonies of love and despair it brings tears of hope and love to my heart. I can feel the perfection and passion in your music and voice,seems like angels have touched your heart and soul and through your music passed it on to me. As I lay in bed for a nights rest, I fall sleep with dreams of love and happiness which feel like I was walking on clouds and in heaven forever”

"Marisa from Brazil: Michael, your music is to be seen with the eyes and the soul felt with the ears of the heart ....Have a beautiful day and a fantastic week. Peace and Love, Always!!"

“Dennis from Indiana, USA: Hi Michael, Got your CD the other day it's GREAT! Thank You.”

“J. from Holland: Michael Ray :) Your CD is a ROMANTIC MASTERPIECE of Music and Songs! Full of Romance-Passion...Heartful and Soulful Cries for Love and the Search for The Perfect Union of One's Soulmate and Partner. Very Touching Indeed!!!”

“Rhonda from USA: Michael...you have led me on a beautiful emotional journey through your music as I close my eyes, I find myself offering my hand...as you are searching...in your music your love shines through...giving me a sense of hope...touching the romantic in me is electrifying...from longing to tears and back again. Thank you for your giving nature and love that I feel from you in your sharing...Michael you are my Romantic Get Away...my musical mastermind... I wish you all the best because you give your best! Keep bringing hope to all and making piano keys come alive...Love Ya, Rhonda”

“Jeannette from USA: Hi Michael, I received the CD'S and I must say I really enjoy your music. It is so relaxing to just sit down and listen to your music. With a touch of jazz, you (and Stephen ;-) ) did a great job! And your lyrics are beautiful... straight from the heart. Needless to say that my mother was also very happy with her cd! :-)”

“Jane From South Carolina, USA. When I got home Friday and found my package, I spent the evening riding around in my convertible listenening to your music. I loved all of the songs, One of my favorites was number 9, "Piano Blues" The reason is, it sounded like my mom playing the piano as that was her style of playing. But it was nice having a cool breeze blowing across my face with your voice singing to me!!!! Just wanted to let you know how awesome and talented you are.”

“Marilyn from USA: I absolutely love that song. You know it's a winner when it touches your soul. That's what your music does for me. It reaches my soul and helps me find ways to handle situations I feel I can't do on my own. Thank you.”

“Mary from Kentucky, USA: Good evening Michael.You are amazing. I have been listening to your CD for hours today and I can't get enough of it. What passion you show from every word you sing and it is from so very deep within your being. These are not mere Love songs like some sing.They are songs of romance, deep passionate love, The art of being one. The Together forever type of love. I felt as though you were singing them straight to me,because they were so real, And I know every other lady that hears them feels the same way. They are so personal.”