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Michael Krapovicky / Press

“[Michael Krapovicky] wasn’t just a guitarist and a singer, although his songs and guitar-work were terrific. His songs had social content and he was also a total entertainer, interacting with the members of the audience with grace and good humor. I also want to applaud the intelligence and practical value of his answers to Tim’s questions. Here at Salem-News, invoking the spirit of Peter Bennett who was known “to make the unknown into stars and stars into superstars,” we expect to hear much more of him in the future and wish him well."”

“Michael Krapovicky is a great performer and has beautiful vocals and a lot of talent.”

“The songs have poignant lyrics with a story to tell...The music is well written and performed...”

"...charming and self-aware."

“...a keen musical savvy...building a road map to the future.”

Steve Sherlock - Lewiston Sun Journal Encore

“...winning audiences over at live shows.”

Amanda Newell - Metro Magazine Portland

""when people are asked to name great local singers, they'll mention Jason Fogg or Mike Krapovicky - Josh Harps - Sun Journal, July 27th, 2010.

“Bassist Mike Krapovicky...has brought a driving melodic structure to [the Grumps]. His fluency with the instrument provides playful melodies while staying true to the band's groove.”

Nick Kimball - Good Times Magazine

“Bassist Michael Krapovicky brings a welcome change to the Grumps.”

Mark Rankin - IT Magazine

“...an amalgam of musical styles hard to pin down, but still organic and contemporary.”

Lewiston Sun Journal

“...combines quirky, down-to-earth stage performance with an engaging and unique musical style.”

Erica Febre - Hippo/Hippo Nite

“...solid group of "acoustic soul" musicians - bassist Mike Krapovicky...”

Portland Phoenix