Me, the Hero? / Press

“First Show Success! Self-Titled E.P. & T-Shirt Released! New Shows Announced! Folks, its no April Fools Joke! Easter weekend was a big weekend for Me, the Hero?!! The guys took the stage for the first time as Me, the Hero? and rocked out B.F.E. Rock Club! They released their Self-Titled Me, the Hero? E.P., and their first T-Shirt!​​! ​ Me, the Hero? Live @ B.F.E. Rock Club The guys rocked the patio stage at the LOUD-N-TEXAS Music Festival following The Prettybads. The patio was full and the stage was surrounded by fans as the band took the stage for the first time. Nobody knew what to expect; not the band or the curious crowd that developed around the stage as the intro began to play. ​”

“Speechless Released, Store Launch, Tickets, E.P. and More!”

“Me, the Hero? adding several shows for Spring 2013!”

“Commitment to Ronald McDonald House Charities”