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Memphis Nights / Press

“Another weekend, and another fine mess you've gone and got us all into!"”

The Booking Agent

“I'm not a singer...why do I have to count it in?”

The Drummer

“What Key is it in?...What language is it in?...Is this thing on?”

Memphis Nights

“The Band last night also made my mother cry!”

The Doorman

“What's going on? You may need a new Bass!!”

The guitarist

“Everytime you sing...An angel loses it's wings!”

Woman at the bar

“Rock & Roll!..well maybe just the roll...But a good roll....Like a subway roll”

The Manager

“Your call is important to us....Expected waiting time is 25 minutes”

The Operator

“You nailed it...what exactly I don't know...but I think someone here got it..”

The Bartender


The Roadie