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Melissa VanFleet / Press

"Melissa VanFleet is a singer/songwriter from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is no stranger to the industry. After completing her first demo in her senior year of high school, Melissa was recruited from Pennsylvania to Nashville to pursue her dreams further. Her style is a combination of rock, soul, and blues influences. Melissa is the epitome of what a hard working solo artist should be today. With a pitch-perfect voice and the ability to play various instruments, Melissa utilizes her talent to captivate audiences around the world. Today VanFleet is living in New York City, where she is promoting her new release and continues to develop herself as an artist."

"\../ AMAZING rendition of W.A.S.P. - "Sleeping In The Fire". Thank you Melissa VanFleet from W.A.S.P.'s Randy Piper! Much Love to you Dear..."

"'Stars In My Eyes' is a wonderful release which marks Melissa VanFleet as one of the most instinctive and imaginative emerging songwriters and performers and sure to find a whole new audience to add to her already enamoured fans. With great attention already bestowed upon the EP within its first weeks and The Reputation Radio Show providing its worldwide introduction and championing the release weekly, you can only feel the deserved wide recognition for Melissa is right around the corner."

"Today’s Song of the Week ["Lovestruck"] was posted by RenmanMB member Melissa VanFleet. Melissa has been a loyal RenmanMB member from the beginning and has been working tirelessly on making a name for herself. Keep at it Melissa and all your hard work will pay off soon! If you like what you hear, check out more..."

"Alternative Pop artist/songwriter Melissa VanFleet may have stars in her eyes, but unlike many other young artists starting out, Melissa already sounds like a seasoned pro, both musically and lyrically. Not many women singers hold our attention these days–many have the pipes to do the job but lack the depth and resonance–that warm buttery tone of voice that endears us to listen again and again. Honesty is the one word that we keep coming back to with VanFleet’s tunes–honesty of writing, of emotion, of effort. This may be Melissa’s debut album, but this is no ‘beginner’ offering. The fabulous writing is matched by equally fabulous melodies and solid production to make this album a joy to listen to. Over and over."

“There are many striking singer songwriters that excite or touch more than just the ear with deep satisfaction. On rare occasions one comes along to not only bring such joy but also leave people standing wide eyed, open eared and mesmerised by their most important instrument, the voice. One such person is award-winning pop artist/songwriter/pianist Melissa VanFleet, her ability to combine influences from soul, rock, jazz standards and blues in her music and then to pass that on with vocals that suspend the world and fill hearts stunning. A regular on The Reputation Radio Shows and in the Reputation Media site we took the opportunity to take some of her precious busy time to find out more about ‘The Voice’ that is Melissa VanFleet...”

“Not only can Melissa dance, sing, write music, & play piano, she made for a perfect guest and would make a fantastic host! Melissa came over the airwaves in a clear and confident manner. She talked about her musical background, her move to New York, and her upcoming EP called “STARS IN MY EYES” which we are looking forward to hearing!”

"This week's guest was New York singer/songwriter/musician Melissa VanFleet. Melissa was absolutely one of the most engaging guests I have ever had–I could practically hear her smile throughout the interview and her energy is contagious. We talked about her September residency at The Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia where you can catch her every Wednesday throughout the month. We also discussed her nominations for the 2014 Artists in Music Awards..."

"Wow, if you missed Melissa VanFleet tonight you don't want to miss her next week. Her acoustic performance rocked our stage and was amazing! Come check her out during our Happy Hour next week!"

"MELISSA VANFLEET has an amazing voice and one day when she stands up and receives her Grammy, Mark and I will be proud to say we knew her before she was famous!"

“Having been a dancer since she was two years old, and recording her first track at the age of twelve, Melissa has spent a lifetime pursuing her dream. Being an overt optimist she is thankful for everything she has earned and achieved so far. Armed with drive, ambition, and a degree in journalism from NCC, its clear she will take the music world by storm.”

“The Coq D'or always had musical entertainment (and will continue to do so most evenings), but the installation of an entirely new hidden sound system improves the listening quality for all patrons... We were treated to a pianist/singer from Nashville by the name of Melissa VanFleet, who boasted a Norah Jones-like appeal.”

“From the time she was in elementary school, music and dancing have been part of Melissa VanFleet's life. The Bethlehem native sang her first solo, "Blowing in the Wind," when she was in third grade... Now the 24-year-old could win a walk-on part of one of the longest running musicals in New York City: 'Chicago.'”

“The Drake Hotel's famous Coq d'Or reopened this spring after a light refresh, including new lighting, carpet, ceilings and a state-of-the-art sound system for such stellar chanteuses as Melissa VanFleet...”