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McTuff / Press

"But it's thanks to Doria's composition that the album isn't simply a showcase of soloists - it's also a collection of well-written songs. Its dynamics are thought out and tweaked to perfection, an impressive feat considering the amount of improvisation."

"To say Doria and his McTuff band’s April 1st Tractor Tavern was off the hook would be putting it mildly. In fact, it’s hard to put what they do into strong enough words."

"I feel lucky to have attended this show that took place just over a month ago. There is no denying the awesome-ness that occurs when these four uber-talented musicians take to the stage."

"the soul-jazz quartet really belongs to Joe Doria and his B3 organ. Doria never lets his immense chops get in the way of momentum or soul, just as guitarist Andy Coe reels in his extended flights for glistening, razor-sharp solos. McTuff is by far the most groove-oriented band at Earshot."

"Hand's down my favorite incarnation of Skerik was McTuff. The band started by Hammond organist Joe Doria and featuring Andy Coe on guitar and drum stud D'Vonne Lewis delivered their own incredibly funky takes on classic works from Jimmy Smith and Captain Jack McDuff. Between 5:30 and 6:30 Saturday afternoon there was no other place I'd rather have been as the Vaudeville Tent filled with some of the grooviest surreal funk played by some seriously heavy-hitting cats."

"And though the free spirit and warm, welcoming, buttery sound are equal parts intoxicating and enchanting, it belies a steep learning curve of influences that forms the sound behind the swing"