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McPherson Struts / Press

““Rock bands with singing drummers take a lot of flak from some critics (amnesiacs who don't remember the Dave Clark Five), but McPherson could make a believer of the staunchest skeptic. He handles his dual role the same way Jerry Lee Lewis does double duty.””

— Creative Loafing, Atlanta weekly

““Make no mistake about it, what we’ve got here is 38 minutes of rockabilly-country-metal-punk-grunge-hotrod inflected bar band music at it’s finest, yes finest. It don’t come no finer! Torrid, nasty, hot, relentless bang, bang, bang with an occasional twang!””

– SLAMM, San Diego lifestyle and music magazine

““Stay gold Ponyboy, because this shit is greased up and ready to go. ‘Top Fuel Boogie,’ holding an obvious influence of music from the ’50s, sent me back to my parent’s prom. If old-fashioned rock-n-roll, fueled by a little bit of booze, isn’t your thing, stay home and argue about who gets to be the thimble in your game of Monopoly. I’m going to get drunk with McPherson Struts … God Bless America!””

– Revolt in Style; Arizona, Nevada and California music and fashion monthly

““McPherson Struts, led by a Southern twanged, whiskey-rasped front man extraordinaire, Buck McPherson, is a white-hot, white-trash extravaganza in the vein of bands like the Supersuckers or Nashville Pussy.””

– Destroy All Monthly, Los Angeles music monthly

““The debut CD (Top Fuel Boogie) by McPherson Struts rips, kicking off with the crunchy tune, ‘A Way With Words.’ Buck, the singer, sure does have a way with words. The lyrics are sharp and funny. ‘Goin’ Blind,’ an ode to masturbators everywhere, is a slow grindin’ mean S.O.B. and ‘Mean Drunk’ has a high revving hillbilly beat with a punk edge. If you like heavy tunage, pick this one up pronto!””

– S.D. Reader, San Diego weekly

"A McPherson Struts performance is akin to peeling out of a parking lot in an American car — back when American cars were cool, and tough — tires squealing, gears grinding and engines smoking."

Mary Jo Shafer - The Anniston Star, Anniston, AL