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MCL Music @mclmusic321 / Press

“Had a listen to This Pain & really enjoyed the track, arrangement & style..good stuff!”

Dean Jablonski - Reverbnation

“You always throw out some really decent an coherent rhymes, dude. Nice job!”

AJ Evans' Group of Deviants - Reverbnation

“Listening to This Pain and you have a really cool flow on this track, keep it up! Respect”

Jaron Davis - Reverbnation

“You have a vintage old school feel going, I really like it because you stand out, great originality!”

EverythingManBand - Reverbnation

"Music is tight & you spitting lyrical bliss bro, thats what s up! Much Respect

Da Predator 1 In The Game - Reverbnation

“U remind me of rap in its beginning stages when it was about a rhyme sensation! I like that.....Girls like it!”

TAMMY KNIGHT - Reverbnation

"Real Hip Hop" very catchy and cool song! Keep on the grind! Cheers

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“Excellent work... you've got a real distinctive voice. Well done!”

Zeus Rooster - Reverbnation

“Dude- I'm diggin' "This Pain"... I can relate. Smooth flow and excellent music!”

Dry Martinez - Reverbnation

“Keep up the good work & Never give up on your dreams!”

Hov - Reverbnation

“Music is tight & you spitting lyrical bliss bro! Thats what's up! Peace & respect”

Da Predator 1 In The Game - Reverbnation

“Hard work is always appreciated, Very Nice! ”

J Wildd - Reverbnation

"MCL: Spare, smooth, serious; distilled down to basic essence.This seed will grown into a big tree"

Omnesia - Reverbnation

"Great mix of Rap and Hip-Hop elements. Sounds so cool'

LeonB. - Reverbnation

"Insane, What It Takes, Still Got It and Chasing Dreams, r all great songs!!! Peace."

Mask Poet - Reverbnation

"Great tunes and excellent style keep up the wonderful work! respect"

David Flow - Reverbnation

"Insane is real! really like that about it, keep it up ♥ ♥ ♥"

Amanda Pollard - Reverbnation

"That's what's up much respect ~"

Jflo DaBoss - Reverbnation

"Nice work.. You spitting real life truth... Keep working hard and developing your ability to deliver your artistic creation and you will be successful!"

Jo-Nathan Da Truth - Reverbnation

"Good arrangement in these nice songs!"

BINETTI - Reverbnation

"Solid beat. Smooth lyrics. Great stories. Good job"

Kosmic Lighthouse - Reverbnation

"Terrific!!! Killer flow! Insane is a killer!!!"

Diamonah - Reverbnation

"Congrats on your achievements turn up!!!! DT top 10 indie hiphop artist in Alabama turn up!!"

DT vs DNASTY - Reverbnation

"Killer tracks and awesome production here..Love it!"

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“Awesome Music, fist pump!”

Fermented Sloths - Reverbnation

"Solid mix tapes here! Among the best Canadian hip hop acts I've heard!!!"

Sebby Boy - Reverbnation

"Nice beats & song! Excellent Messages in the Lyrics Keep It Alive ! Best In 2013

Chad Loch - Reverbnation

"Now this hiphop! I gave up on hiphop a long time ago because I couldn't relate to the money and the cars and all that bull shiz but y'all are doing ur thang. Keep that shit up its banging"

Mikey Smalls - Soundcloud

“Wow, sounds great! Good Voice!”

Inleni - Reverbnation

"Really liked What it Takes. Great job on the Rap also"

Gregory Grant - Reverbnation

"Insane ft. KC & Enders", is a great tune man! Fully digging you track! Cheers,

Fritz - Reverbnation

"What it Takes" I can Dig-it Killz is on it

Killz - Reverbnation

"Insane ft. KC & Enders", is a great tune man! Fully digging you track! Cheers,

Fritz - Reverbnation


M16 Productions2 - Reverbnation

“Your music is right on and inspiring! Keep on delivering!”

Impuria - Reverbnation

“You sound like yourself...not like you're trying to sound like someone else”

Safire's Peak - Soundcloud

“We are enjoying your song "CHASING DREAMS " REAL NICE STUFF!!!”

Salt - Myspace

“Dope tracks & gud shit ur music go hard”

Black Marilyn Monroe - Reverbnation

“Best of luck with your projects!!”

Potion13 - Reverbnation

“Congrats! Amazing stuff!”

Yumemusic - Reverbnation

“Fantastic beats, lyrics and attitude ya got there man, keep up the good work!”

Lunar Dusk - Reverbnation

“Hey great tunes! Let me know when you put some more up :)”

Ant Henson - Reverbnation

“Keep up the good work fam!”

Black Dragon Records - Reverbnation

“Feelin your music keep on the grind bro”

Tru (Trey Mafia Productions) - Reverbnation

“I wish you luck with your music, and hope that you keep on making wonderful music. Please keep in touch.”

JoJo - Reverbntation

“MCL has the mindset to do anything he puts his mind too!”

Cody Degaust - Cody Degaust Music

“Great friend/musician, easy to work with and is always writting plenty of new music!”

Emmanuel Xidos - iShotRobot