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MAXX12 / Press

“MAXX12 has fully & officially welcomed Mr. Sean (The Hitman) Boomer into the band! New songs have been recorded with a host of special guest's lending their vocal talents to one of the brand new MAXX12 song's : ROCKBAR! This song is paying homage to local night club "The RockBar" located in San Jose, CA. and some of the guest vocalist's include Mr. Timothy J. Bednarz world famous D.J. for the C.O.A.R. radio station & www.Jamcityamerica.com as well as Platinum Rock Radio also <www.digitalrevolutionradio.com> Stay tuned for the new MAXX12 on your local & overseas radio!”

“From the desk: MAXX12 has seen many changes in the past 4 years since it's inception. One thing that has remained a constant is their top notch songwriting, and the newest single from MAXX12 is another fine example of their firm commitment to good songwriting. "DIRTY WOMEN" is rapidly climbing the charts with is melodic and driving rhythms, and signature MAXX12 sound! Take a listen and see!”

“With consistent hit songs and continuous Radio Coverage the musical group MAXX12 is obviously here to stay! After visiting Whiskey Pete's gambling casino in Primm Nevada, Guitarist/Vocalist T Michael Riddle aka (ROOSTER) became inspired by the Bonnie & Clyde death car display located in the lobby of the establishment. Thus was born the brand new MAXX12 hit song: BIG MONEY! Take a listen to these hard rocker's and see what make's em' tick, I most certainly did and can see that MAXX12 is destined for greatness in the Rock and Roll hall of fame!”

“Friday, August 29th. 2014 MAXX12 is finally up and at em' with new show's coming up (QUARTER NOTE Saturday October 25th / 1214 Apollo Way, Sunnyvale, California 94086 / PH# (408) 732-2110 ) Other news is the recent reviews of the brand new & not yet officially released: MAXX12 16 song C.D. "Special Forces" Check out some of the rave reviews that MAXX12 has gotten lately........................<http://www.metaltoinfinity.be/CDREVIEWS_2014/Maxx12_Specialforces.html........<http://www.tmrzoo.com/2014/63047/music-review-maxx12.....................................<http://www.dangerdog.com/2014-music-reviews/maxx12-special-forces.php#.VAA5JPldV5I>”

“Today MAY 29th 2014 The brand new MAXX12 album "Headed For The Sun" is out, and hitting the charts with a vengeance! You can still get a FREE download from our <http://www.reverbnation.com/maxx12> site. To purchase the full length 16 song C.D. send $16.00 to: 5669 Snell Ave. #357 San Jose, CA. 95123 and get a FREE MAXX12 T-Shirt along with your C.D.!”

“Today's news for MAXX12: Over the weekend of 05/18/2014: 6,009 Fans clicked on MAXX12 Ads. 1,477 Fans interacted with MAXX12. 10,996 Fans recommended us to their friends. Comparisons to the bands CHICKEN FOOT were made and on a scale of 1-5 MAXX12 scored a 5.0 which is great! BAD COMPANY also scored a 5.0 which is great! CHEAP TRICK a 3.5 which is good! And Interestingly comparisons were also made to IRON MAIDEN and scored a 3.3 which also falls into the good category! Our Facebook presence has reached a whopping 36,000 likes while My Space is sitting at 16,000 and other sites help to bring up MAXX12 fan numbers to almost 100,000 fans and growing! The brand new album which is titled "Headed For The Sun" should be out in about another week so get prepared to have your faces melted by this New sounding and innovative Hard Rock/Swampy/slightly metallic band called MAXX12. And by the way in case you didn't know, a MAXX12 is when all of the earths 12 Tectonic Plates shift simultaneously!”

“The great cataclysmic shift in power had begun in the year 2012. The offshore banking interest's had drained America completely dry, and thus rendering paper money obsolete. People were literally burning piles of the worthless script in metal barrels just to keep themselves warm. The Chronicles Of MAXX12. Sent from the future to mend our past!”

“MAXX12 1st Album Release Party just around tha' corner! Pay close attention for details to be announced. MAXX12 has been holding the #1 position on the charts in San Jose California for 3 months straight with their #1 single: MAXX12 by MAXX12. Also staying in the Top 100 Nationally on commercial radio station's throughout all 50 States, MAXX12 continues to deliver the good's when it comes to their unique brand of Swampy, Classical and Hard Rawkin' style! Go take a listen for yourself and get your FREE Download of the NEW MAXX12 single: MAXX12 by MAXX12!”

“Look for the newest full length C.D. release from MAXX12 titled: "HEADED FOR THE SUN" Critic's and Radio Personalities are already heralding this MAXX12 Sophmore release "Headed For The Sun" as likely to become a true rock classic by years end! Get your advance copies (and signed by the band) of the first run quick before they run out!”

“The new members of MAXX12 have been working out famously. Brand new songs like "Fools" "Boy" & "Rockbound" have catapulted this Swamp Rawk/Metal outfit into a new realm of popularity. New fans as well as old timer fans have all agreed that MAXX12 continues to deliver the goods when it comes to songwriting expertise!”

“With Brand New band members along with 13 Brand New Song's including their innovative and scorching New Hit Single "HEADED FOR THE SUN" MAXX12 has once again proven their incredible staying power and #1 position in the Rock Music Genre! The buzz here in the U.S. & Canada as well as overseas about MAXX12 is that their music is proving to be placed in that highly sought after position of classic, timeless sound. Their song's have captured the attention of a wide age group and has even crossed over into several different genres as well. Take a listen for yourself and you will surely, and quickly become a MAXX12 fan!”

“UNBROKEN CHAIN is the latest in a string of hit song's from the men of MAXX12, and has found it's way to numerous radio station's throughout the United State's, Canada and Oversea's! MAXX12 would like to personally thank all of our fan's here and worldwide (fast approaching 100,000) for your wonderful & dedicated support over the last 3 year's. We have now begun a New Year 2014 with a couple of added member's that is sure to please our old fan's, and will most assuredly garner a Brand New Fan Base as well. Brand New Song's sporting title's such as: "Headed For The Sun" "MAXX12" "The Cowboy Song" and more will thrill everyone with our fresh new approach to songwriting. With Albert Mendez on lead vocal, and Chris Sepulveda on drum's and background vocal we already have several new "Hit Song's" chompin at the bit a ready for release! Stay tuned:.........”

“The latest from the men of MAXX12 is a dedication to our most elite and esteemed service men and women! As heard and debuted on WMAV Radio, C.O.A.R. Radio, Galactic World Radio, Jam City Radio and more on 10/02/2013 the song: SPECIAL FORCES U.S.A. has placed MAXX12 in a whole new realm of original home grown music in the San Francisco Bay Area! Go take a listen for yourself and please support our troops no matter what we all may think of our Government! Rock On America!”

“MAXX12 has done it again! Go on over to their ReverbNation site: <http://www.reverbnation.com/maxx12> and take a listen their scorchin' hot latest release: LORD OF THE FLIES Big Corporate Oil Is Starting To Stink and the stench has attracted the Lord Of The Flies!”

“Once again MAXX12 has to personally thank Mr. Robert Reese & his QUARTERNOTE staff in Sunnyvale CA. for a great and exciting gig Saturday 17th 2013. Newest news for our MAXX12 fans: MAXX12 is now out on a "Secret Agent Man" mission and we are sure to have some important info/intelligence to share with you all!”

“GUNS GOD & GOLD The newest release by MAXX12 spells out what we must all have in the forefront of our minds right now. The questions which must be asked are why is our Government obsessing over grabbing these three items, and controlling them? Something is definitely rotten in Denmark! ;-)”

“MAXX12 will be co-hosting TOP STREET'S annual summer bash in Hollister, California on: 7/06/13 lot's of food,music & party with MAXX12 and their good friends "Gundacker Project". MAXX12 will also be showcasing their music for a couple interested labels down in Oceanside, California on: 08/30/13 at the well known PIER VIEW PUB: Phone: (760) 757-2827.This is proving to be a stellar year for MAXX12 starting at the beginning of the year with their new release: "LIAR" keeping them at #1 in ALL Santa Clara Counties for several weeks on the local charts. Following upon that release was "HELL'S HEROES" which has been described as a cross between Queen/Beatles and Blackfoot the song continues 2 months later with well above average sales for the song! Look for MAXX12 at a venue near you soon!”

“The ability to develop themes into suitable lyrics requires skill and creativity. Thankfully those abilities can be found in the band MAXX12. The band’s latest release “Hell’s Heroes” is the brainchild of T Michael Riddle. The basis for this honeyed ballad comes from a 1932 film of the same name. It’s the story of a group of men who rob a bank (killing the teller) and flee. In the desert they encounter a woman who is dying after having given birth. She entrusts her son to the robbers in the hopes of getting the child to his father and to safety. Ironically, the father of the child is the very same teller they killed in the holdup. MAXX12 cleverly conveys the paradigm shift in their latest track. The song reveals how life will always test your worth even when you’re destined for Hell. Riddle’s suggestive guitar inflections and tonality take you to the scorching desert and engage you in the race to make it out alive. “Hell’s Heroes” is definitely a song to add to you”

“Recently, the Rock world observed the one year anniversary of the passing of guitar virtuoso and rock legend Ronnie Montrose (1947-2012). The loss of this rock hero left a lasting impression on the members of MAXX12. The friendship formed by T. Michael Riddle (guitar, vocals), Jon Hampton (bass) and Ronnie Montrose back in 1984 shaped a lifelong bond as well as a congruent musical collaboration. The results of that potent partnership are evident in songs such as “Racecar”, “Wild Years”, and “Politico.” The band’s song “He Rocked the Nation” is a tribute to Ronnie and was written using album and song titles off of Montrose and Gamma recordings. The tribute song is a perfect blend of Montrose musical riffs with the distinguishable MAXX12 sound. It is without a doubt that Ronnie Montrose’ legacy will live on in these songs as well as countless other tunes, projects and ventures.”

“And so, in view of the absence of Montrose, MAXX12 has acquired the skills and talent of Aaron Leigh as their new producer. Aaron’s extensive musical background includes playing bass for Echo of Souls and accompanying The Frank Hannon (Tesla) Band on their 2013 National Tour. This new alliance with Leigh, plus the making of a video for “Bang Yer Gone” with close friend and veteran actor Patrick Kilpatrick (The Presidio, Eraser), is keeping MAXX12 busy in 2013. Fans will recall Kilpatrick’s MC duties at the “End of the World Party” at Nine Lives Club in Gilroy, California. Over 300 attendees rocked the venue with MAXX12 as they expounded the presumed prophecy of 2012. It is no wonder that MAXX12 continues to sit at the #1 position on Reverbnation’s local chart for Santa Clara County and maintaining well over 60,000 fans worldwide from all combined sites (i.e. Myspace, I tunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc).”

“Any true Rock music devotee will declare with assuredness that the Rock scene is alive and well in the 21st century. Many of the masterminds of Metal Music have endured the test of time and continue to pack venues throughout the year. New groups are also rising from the embers that sustain this music genre called Rock. MAXX12 is one such band that is keeping the Metal Music scene thriving and successful in this new era. They offer a perfect blend of fresh licks with a touch of timeless timbres. It is no wonder that the dedicated disciples of Rock music are keeping MAXX12 at the top of the charts both locally and nationally. Be sure to catch them at a venue near you in 2013!”

“These days, MAXX12 band members can be found in the studio hammering out some brand new tunes for their listeners. Joining MAXX12 in the studio is Aaron Leigh (Echo of Souls, Frank Hannon Band) at the helm providing his production prowess (and vocals), and Duane Hayes at the boards. If the folks associated with this recording venture are any indication, these fresh tracks promise to propel MAXX12 into the forefront of the Rock Music scene. ”

“MAXX 12's "BANG! Yer' Gone!" is hitting the airwaves at KUKQ out of Phoenix, Arizona!”

“With enlivening tunes such as “Wild Years” and “Mongoose” making their mark on the Reverbnation charts, MAXX 12 (#89 Nationally) is continuing to prove that good quality music with an influential message is still being sought after by the listening public. Rock icon Dave Davies once stated: “Good rock music always tends to be around.“ The timeless reputation of The Kinks has been proof positive that a good rock band’s music will time and again re-emerge to remind us of what attracted us to their compositions in the first place. This assurance seems to be the case with MAXX 12. Their guitar riffs, drum kicks and bass licks have a way of stimulating your melodious senses and keep you longing for more. Requests from the fans for a live show will soon be realized as MAXX 12 is in the planning stages for a multi city tour. More details will follow as the dates become available. Stay tuned to see if MAXX 12 will be making a stop in your neck of the woods!”


“February 2013,San Jose, Ca: Since its release in late 2010, Maxx12’s “Raw” has been ascending the music charts as it amasses multitudes of fans eager to embrace their post-apocalyptic wake-up call. Edgy, epic, and eclectic, are all terms that have been used to describe San Jose based band Maxx 12. Their fervent appeal to their listeners is accruing a fan base that is taking them to the top of online music charts both nationally and internationally. These California rockers are no nonsense when it comes to conveying a hard hitting message about our current state of affairs. In January, MAXX 12’s newest member, drummer Ronnie T. Cascinai, was featured on the Paiste Cymbals Wall of Fame at the NAMM convention in Anaheim, California. This rousing accolade leaves little doubt that MAXX 12 is the band to seek out to get your fist pumping and consciousness flowing in 2013.”


“MAXX12 & Their Heavy Friends Revue at Gilroy’s 9 Lives on January 7, 2012. ”

“SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – June 28, 2011: MAXX12 made an unforgettable debut that people will be talking about for years to come. As the massive crowd poured into the venue at Gilroy’s 9 Lives Club on Friday, June 17, 2011, they were unaware that they would be transported into a world that allows individuals to denounce government without repercussions. They left feeling empowered.”

“MAXX12 – a new rock band with a provocative, post-apocalyptic message – will make an unforgettable debut at Gilroy’s 9 Lives Club on Friday, June 17, 2011. Comprised of three Bay Area ‘80s rock veterans, with music legend Ronnie Montrose as the band’s executive producer, MAXX12 will show the world that Rock and Roll isn’t kid stuff. In fact, MAXX12’s entire musical catalogue is based on outrage with the government and serves as a call to action for those fed up with how the country is run. Through songs from its debut CD, Raw, the band will express its frustration with the state of the country, and encourage the audience to stand up for their rights and join the MAXX12 Nation. ”

“MAXX12 Supports Japan, Plays San Francisco's Week of Omoiyari (Compassion) on April 14th, 2011.”

“Master luthier Brock Johnston wields formidable skills in crafting custom guitars. He has recently started making a name for himself and his company – Brock Acoustics – in the music industry. Endorsers of Brock Acoustics include rock legend Ronnie Montrose and guitarist T. Michael Riddle.”

“MAXX12′s song Bad Blood (Illuminati), which is featured on the Taylor Guitars and Elixir Strings: Test Drive Electric Contest at http://testdriveelectric2010.taylorguitars.com, has caused quite a stir and has elicited the attention of the Illuminati site (www.Facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Illuminati/108585442499047) itself! Lovers of the current presidential administration and anti-gun proponents are furious about MAXX12′s pro-gun, anti-government stance. At the center of this controversy sits MAXX12′s song: Bad Blood (Illuminati). Go check out the song and make up your own mind. That is, unless you want the government to make your mind up for you………. ”

MAXX12 Marketing Team - Bad Blood (Illuminati) Causes Controversy

“MAXX12 has been in the studio recording for their much anticipated album, due for release at the end of December 2010! Bringing a very hard, fresh, and new sound to the rock world, the band has been steadily gaining the attention of music lovers worldwide. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of MAXX12’s new CD project “Raw” to hit the scene. So MAXX12 is releasing a limited edition CD just for you! Please read the following press release for more information on how you can get your copy!”

“MAXX12 is proving once again to be the Illuminati of rock music, taking it to a whole new level! When MAXX12 released their new single “Bad Blood- Illuminati” and received an overwhelming positive response, they knew it was time to show their fans what being “Raw” was all about. ”