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Mavara / Press

"Forgotten Inside" is a dark masterpiece in my book. Sometimes I wish I could mix some of their riffs with my own music! Some remarkable tracks are about social disorders and sub-conscious pains and complexes, which is barely felt as it's like a sleeping dragon at the end of a mysterious cave.

reds sparrow - progarchive

“The one word that comes to mind when I hear this album is "lush". The album feels so whole, and it even seems to pull off a sort of oceanic vibe, though I'm not sure how in so many words."Season of Salvation" has many strong points. For instance, the vocalist has a unique voice that perfectly fits the musical style presented. I'm not sure why, but the vocalist reminds me of Jim Grey from Arcane and Caligula's Horse, though with a deeper and darker tint. The vocals are often sublime, though there are a few weak spots. Another strength of this album is the keyboard work. The overall feel of the synth is either haunting or that of light cutting through dense darkness, so the album has a very mature tone to it. The soaring and falling of the layered textures elates and deflates our emotions staggeringly well. In my opinion, that is one sign of a fantastic album.”

“I had heard of this band through a friend of mine, who had seen the band perform live somewhere in the Northeast US. Upon his recommendation, I purchased the MP3 version of the CD and was completely blown away. Progressive rock with melodicism! Not prog/math or prog/avant garde[and I love both], but prog that I could actually sing along with and groove on and , in some cases, even head bang to. Sort of like Yes and Pink Floyd back in the day. The singers accent takes a little getting used to, if you're from the US like I am, but after a while you don't even think about it, especially because the music backing it up is exquisite.Not a week song in the bunch. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys”

Scoop - Amazon

“Their talent and musicianship is amazing! I will gladly work with this great band again. An Honor!”

Kipp Elbaum - Rock and Roll The World NYC

“The band's latest album Season Of Salvation,is brilliantly melodic prog rock, with 10 original songs each reflecting range of influences.”

“There is only one word to describe Mavara's first ever coverw/ a few originals show tonight at Duke's in Tyngsboro MA, and that word is ....WOW!...No other way to describe it. Patrons wouldn't let them leave the stage unless they performed an encore. WOW! That's two weeks in a row with the encores. Last week it was many friends and fans that called for it. This one was people that had never heard of the band before. Makes it even more special.”