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Matt Snook / Press

“You are truly, in my eyes, an ALL AMERICAN, believe in what you're doing, your music is great, your cause is great, who wouldn't like you, you support sick and ill babies, the troops, and those who have lost their moms, or dads, to the fight against terrorism. I hope you get the chance to land that contract and make it big. From a veteran myself, you have my vote!!”

M.R. - Excerpts from a Facebook Message

“Hey Bud, I sent your cd to my Aunt. I let her listen to "Solid Ground" (Snook/Zornado) while at her house for a visit. She cried a lot. Said the song gave her comfort. The Song is pure magic my friend. My Aunt is not a blood relative, but has had her hand in raising me and other abandoned children. She lost her husband and mother in the same house in a years time. Her father a year before that. She has struggled in life since losing her husband. I told her your song is a gift. To let her know she is not alone. Keep doing your thing. If you need me for anything, I'm right here.”

C.F. - Friend from Texas - Excerpts from a Facebook Message

“Thank you for visiting my husband and I today at Vanderbilt Medical Center....Love your "Wedding Song" !! It really lifted my husband's spirits!!”

D. W. - Wife of man visiting Vanderbilt Hospital - Excerpts from a Facebook Message

“When WORDS fail..MUSIC speaks!! " You need to know that not letting go is the hardest thing to do....When your tears fade away and I see you STAND...I'll walk into the promiseland and watch you GROW on SOLID GROUND".... this song got me through the hardest thing I ever had to do in my whole life...moving forward after losing my husband ...thank you for your beautiful music!! So much inspiration for alot of us in this beautiful song!!! Looking forward to hearing the many more songs to come!!! :)”

K. K. - Fan from Night on the Kaw - Excerpts from a Facebook Message

“Really good to see you tonight ...been missing your music. Glad to hear things are working out well in Nashville for you. You deserve it! Love the new song "Perfect Sense" and hope to hear it again before you go back. See ya soon!”

S. P. - Fan at Old Shawnee Pizza - Excerpts from a Facebook Message

“I was at Super Dave's Backyard BBQ and still remember what an awesome artist you are... You will go a long ways with your career!! Thanks again for the blue autographed leather neck piece you took off your neck & gave to me... Lots of fun; beautiful family!!”

S. C. M. - Fan at Super Dave's Night on the Kaw Pre-Party - Excerpt from a Facebook Message

“I Just had the pleasure of meeting Matt Snook in Dallas Texas. We were attending the SnowBall Express program. We ended up "late" one night at the Sheraton back porch. For a small group of 10 or so people Matt came up, pulled out his guitar and gave us a really super "fireside concert". He kept singing and talking with us under the stars until we closed the place, and that would be about 2am. What a great voice, unique music style and genuine great guy. thanks Matt for a great evening and all you do for this program.”

A. K. - The Speed Bag Bible Book and Video Training Program - Excerpts from a Facebook Message

“Thank you for your support with Snowball Express! It means a lot to us family members. God bless you and your family during the Holidays.”

L. D. - Snowball Express Family - Excerpts from a Facebook Message

“I didn't get a chance to meet you, but wanted to tell you thanks for what you did for the families this weekend. I also really enjoyed listening to you at the fire pit last night (I was a volunteer so I hung in the background). It was great to hear some good country music after a long day. Good luck in your Nashville climb....you definitely have another fan in TX!”

W. C. W. - Snowball Express Volunteer - Excerpts from a Facebook Message

“Thank you for you're performance at Snowball Express! It was nice meeting you and your son. Best of luck to you. Great job on the national anthem!”

M. G. S. - Snowball Express Family - Excerpts from a Facebook Message

“Hey Mr. Snook, We met in Kuwait at the Navy MWR. This was about late November'ish 2011 I believe. Anyways, I had been playing guitar for only about a year or so by the time we met but seeing you play and then meeting you in such a relaxed moment inspired me to continue to play and practice longer and more accurately. I've met people over the years that have influenced the style of music and instrumental interest but you have to be by far one of the most memorable. I met some guys here in Spain and we're considering starting a band when we get back stateside. So far, I have people like yourself to thank. So, thank you for your musical influence and your selfless contributions to military through your tours. Take care, keep the music alive and continue to inspire others. Thank you....Oh, I still have that choker you gave me, I where it all the time... It's like a good luck charm.”

A. C. M - UT3, United States Navy - Excerpts from a Facebook Message