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Matthew Fowler / Press

“At 19 years old, Matthew Fowler just might be the next wonder kid of the music industry. Fowler, who picked up a guitar and started writing a mere 4 years ago, is already being compared to more established singer-songwriters like Damien Rice and Ben Howard. That’s impressive company for sure, but I’d even add comparisons to great American songwriters like Matt Duke and Jay Nash to that list of artists.”

“Your new favorite singer-songwriter is a raspy-voiced 19-year-old kid from Orlando.”

“At just 19 years old, young Matthew Fowler is the perfect storm of the essential elements all singer-songwriters pine for; a flawlessly raw voice, intricately constructed melodies, compelling musicianship, and alluring lyrics that combine to form an overwhelmingly rich sound.”

"At 19 years old, Fowler shows the same mastery of earnest, strummy songcraft as established artists like Damien Rice and Ben Howard."

"Matthew wanted to challenge himself and with no recording experience, he’s made an album worth admiring by even the most established artists. His storytelling, beautiful melodies and hypnotic vocals create a very special atmosphere. Matthew and his music possess a unique charisma and you can feel the heart and soul he puts into his work. Being blessed with such a grand talent, there is no doubt this 19-year old musician will soon get the recognition he deserves."

“For an hour or so, Fowler (matthewfowler.bandcamp.com) captivated about 40 strangers — some not easily impressed — with fragile, remarkably detailed songs from his self-produced debut album, "Beginning." He works alone, with an earthy style that reminded me a bit of the early acoustic demos of Bruce Springsteen. That's a lofty comparison, but this Orlando kid is one to watch.”

“The entire album ‘Beginning’ is really spectacular. One of my favorites is his song ‘Beginners.’ I’m really looking forward to hearing more from Matthew, and can’t wait to see where he goes with his music.”

“My leg spazzed a little when Matthew Fowler began singing on "Leaving Home/Open Road," the opening track from his debut album Beginning. The dude is just barely old enough to buy cigarettes yet his voice expresses the hurt, love and experience achieved by those well on their way to the grave...Each song is an exercise in how the sum can be greater than the whole, especially when the sum includes Fowler's guitar and his ridiculously expressive voice. I'm making myself paranoid by thinking there may have been some Faustian deal going on here.”

“Beginning is an album to play beginning to end; don’t put this one on shuffle if you can avoid it. The lyrically driven, storytelling songs aren’t done justice by a piecemeal approach, and you lose the forest for the trees.”

“Despite only indicating this as a ‘song’ of the day – spend time with the entire album because I feel like I could have picked almost any one of these songs to feature!”