Matt Harlan / Press

"This is the kind of sharp observation and literate writing that make Harlan’s songs such a pleasure to listen to. Folky, but with a little Texas twang, Bow’s nine songs, most either written or co-written by Harlan, are brought to life by his gentle, expressive voice. They also benefit from the skilled backing of The Sentimentals, a Danish band with which Harlan has performed on both sides of the Atlantic."

"There’s a fluid self- confidence to his writing that at times comes close to matching early Dylan for a clear-eyed description of the world as he sees it."

“Matt Harlan’s “Bow and Be Simple” braces seamless storytelling with equal measures hope and hurt.”

“Harlan’s debut is a shining example of how honesty, skill and heart can be heard just as loudly as the next rocking ode to Shiner Bock surely will be.”

“Best debut solo album by a Texas bred singer-songwriter I've heard in many a year.”

“This is kind a classic four flowers album—Harlan writes very good songs, his voice is way better than most singer-songwriters, the production and musicianship are first-rate, in short, what’s not to like?”

“Harlan is, for our money, basically a young man's James McMurtry. His voice has that sultry, coarse drawl to it that allows him to say things like "Houston's heavy air" without sounding completely obnoxious.”