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Mathias and the Pirates / Press

"Locals Mathias & the Pirates took the stage to open the night, and by the close of their first song, the wallflowers had emerged from the booths and shadows and the influx of returning smokers filled the gaps to stuff the floor with a crowd even headliners could appreciate." "Armed with cuts and scratches from DJ LB, the duo of Mathias and Ms. Vizion warmed up the crowd with the expertise of veteran performers. Formerly of the accomplished Earthworms crew, Mathias has brought decades of experience to his most recent act, recruiting a friend and former member of the Grea Tones to add soulful hooks and a feminine flow that was well received by fans of the headliner. As they dispensed their rhymes, largely on the theme of pirates, the crowd grew constantly denser and more energetic. Mathias & the Pirates proved themselves as an ideal opener for Dessa and her crew."

"Mathias & the Pirates, which has a new FarFetched Records album release in “Life of the Buzzard,” is a combination of pieces of two defunct local groups: Earthworms and Grea Tones. "Free from Earthworms, he was ready for something more musical and soulful. He thought about Ms. Vizion from Grea Tones. She’s a singer-rapper he used on “Devils, Pirates & Rebels.” “She sang hooks on my solo record, and I like what she brings to the table,” Mathias says. “ I wanted her to sing a hook for me that ended up being the first song we recorded for the Pirates.” "He says Mathias & the Pirates brings a different aesthetic to the table from what he has done before, particularly with their 50-50 mix of rapping and singing. “It makes us approach songs differently when you got that in your pocket,” he says. “When you’re writing songs, it doesn’t have to be in the typical hip-hop structure.” He’s using even more live instruments and fewer samples. "It’s a different tu

“More notable is Mathias & the Pirates' fidelity to its band name and the theme of piracy and high-seas mayhem. "Sea Shanty in D-Minor" gives the album a thematic opening and a familiar chorus — "a pirate's life for me" — before moving into more hip-hop-oriented songs that reinforce the modern-day swashbuckling that preoccupies the first half of the album. Mathias has done his homework here: "Ballad of Old Long Ben" takes its inspiration from a bygone sailing ditty, and that sing-songy chorus helps the song stick like bubble gum. Credit the members of the Pirates for the versatility found on Life of the Buzzard. Vocalist Ms. Vizion carries much of the weight as the record progresses; rather than solely singing the hooks, she often serves as a guide into certain songs (like the album-closing "Lonely Hearts Saloon"). As befitting of any hip-hop album worth its salt, the band welcomes some special guest stars: Brand Nubian's Sadat X drops in for a powerful verse on "Souls on Fire," w”

“I was a bit late as it was 10:15 when I showed up. Just my luck however, I had made it in perfect time. One of my local favorites Mathias and The Pirates were on stage and I got to catch the last few songs.They were great to watch and were a good way to start my evening. Mathias has been rapping in St. Louis for a very long time, he was part of the award winning hip hop group The Earthworms. Lately he has been on a lot of shows doing his solo projects which are equally as dope.”