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Marco Oppedisano / Press

““...mindbending music for guitar and electronics... hear Oppedisano’s intricate roar.””

"Mechanical Uprising is an impressive artistic statement that serves as both a compositional and a playing tour de force. I’d recommend it to any guitarist out there with an ear bent for the sonically bold and experimental.” – Scott Collins (Guitar-Muse/guitarchitecture.org)

““It's all true, this guy is one amazing talent.””

"....these constant fits of schizophrenia award The Ominous Corner a quality most comparable releases could only dream of: A nervous, subcutaneous tension keeping you glued to your seat and wondering what's next at all times."

““Thus, Mechanical Uprising is an important work, a singularity, and a tool through which others may come to understand the architecture of such musics more fully, as elusive and abstract as that process will be. On the other hand, if you're gonzo for brain-shattering sounds, hoo-boy, is this ever the ticket! Sit back, Herodatus, and let the cerebral wetworks melt out of your ears and into a blissful smile because this disc is a monster that will Godzilla every inch of crenellated grey matter 'neath follicle, scalp, and cranium.””

".. [Oppedisano] a guitarist and composer full of ideas and worth discovering.”