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Marco Maenza / Press


“Grande sound! grande blues ... e che feeling! Un caro saluto, Paola”

Paola Ronci

“Dear Marco, you are someone that actually gets me excited when I hear you have a new track. You never copy anybody and each song is unique and powerful ! Bravo !!! ”

“Love your music!!! ”

Laila Andersson

“I've been blessed to hear some of the greatest American blues musician's play live in my life. I'm well familiar with the various styles of roots blues, chicago, Mississipi Delta, Piedmont, etc. When I first heard Marco play well over a year ago I was facinated! I had never heard an Italian play blues. I've listened to every thing Marco has recorded and continue to be facinated and impressed by his ability to stay true to blues while adding his own unique spin. In my opinion Marco has progressed the blues in a new direction which Italy should proudly celebrate and share with the world!!”

Linda Holland-West - Linda Holland-West

“Dynamite sound and great tracks! Astonishing music achievement just love it to listen and I will pass again in future to listen again.Much respect to your excellent work!!!! ~ Fefe”

FeFe - FeFe

“Marco you are just as talented as any professional I have ever heard in all the years I have listened to music.You take the traditional blues/rock & roll & make it your own.Truly unique.Mix that with astonishing playing & you have & pure rock & roll explosion that should be heard EVERYWHERE & BY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!”

Richie Auriemma - Richie Auriemma

“Greetings from Texas Marco. You've got the REAL BLUES!”

“Stone House of Blues - Just Beautiful Album By Marco Maenza nr 1 Italian Blue rock Singer& Song writer :))) & a real Fantastic Guitarist :)))Cheers I got The Signed Cd :)))) Oh Thankyou Marco :D You are So Kind my friend...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Cheers to you my dearest Friend & tons of Hugs & Love.... ”

“You're one of my big favorites Marco!”

“Ciao Marco, your album has arrived me! I'm really glad to be the proud owner now, and thanks for your kind words! Just listening, congratulations again, my friend, sounds really great and I like the artwork! Wish you a lot of success all time, love and hugs, xoxoxo Lisa”

“..I've been blessed to hear many of the greatest American Blue's musicians live over the years,as well as countless talented "unknown" blues musicians in small towns and remote places across the US. Marco Maenza is on my top 10 list of favorite Blues Musicians!!...”

“Did very good Dark Water Eyes, Marco,'ve played a track in my radio program I send my every Wednesday and can also be listened via Internet: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-nordkapp at 6 -7 pm GMT on Radio Nordkapp”

“Hey Marco! *Dark Water Eyes* is awesome, mate! Cool, Rockin' groove, nice licks and great sound - another excellent collaboration with your lyricist Jan Carroll - Well done, my friend. Cheers, Marc”

“Hello Marco im back bro listening to your great music. Your new song, I Dont Need,Another bit of Marco Magic. Much respect Barry”

“Italian blues player with fast fingers and saucy accent that makes you wish every blues singer was Italian. *growl*”

“hey Marco. This Time......is a great track!!! I'm looking forward to hearing thi new CD! Take care Marco. Gerry. ”

“Now have i put you Marco Maenza 15 days on the www.webradionol.se SITE Nice!! and Transmitt some of yours tracks on the Webradionol next week on the BluesTime”

“Got To Be One Of The finer Albums Out Today! Marco's First CD Is A Winner! Great Tunes! Great Sound & Great Feel & Style To It! You Can Tell A Lot Of Hard Work Went Into The Making Of This CD! I Would Recommend It To Everyone That Likes Original Style With A Good Blues Feel To It!”

“one of the best guitar players in the world love your stuff ;)”

“A virtuoso! Marco Maenza is a versatile musician, and a talented composer. I believe that Marco's love of The Blues and Rock genres have enabled him to develop his personal, eclectic sound. Marco's music is immediately recognizable--his unique sound sets him apart. Highly recommended, and immensely enjoyed!”